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  1. Hey Ryan, I need a clutch for an R34 GT-t 270rwkw, car is street driven (would prefer full face organic) with light track work, and would like to do an occasional drag day. Postcode is 3079 Thanks!
  2. The Greddy M Spec intercooler for the R34, is it a turnflow style cooler? or does it just go from one side to the other?
  3. All Whiteline Products Available!

    Could you PM me a price for a set of R34 swaybars (2 door, gtt)
  4. Got me my EVO VII

    they look like Work S2R nice car, congrats! i just saw it on carsales 30mins ago
  5. ive found a few conversion stories on the ls1 forums in america but no-one actually lists what needs to be done i know the passenger side extractor needs to be cut and remade and the sump also needs to be re-made engine mounts and gearbox mounts need to be remade, i think its gotta use the T56 gearbox..? i think it'll be cheaper to just buy a VX-SS
  6. Hey guys has anyone here put a LSx motor into a 180sx? i just want a quick rundown of whats involved and what parts are needed thanks
  7. Injectors

    Rough calculation of AT THE CRANK kilowatt potential, based on injector size: (taken from Martin Donnon, Zoom 88, page 80) (injector size(cc) / 10.6) x 2 = horsepower injector will support convert to kilowatts: divide by 1.34 multiply by number of injectors. Yes, 416kw at the crank So you should be safe with 300rwkw.
  8. Injectors

    They should do. Our GTR has 420rwkw and is only running 680cc injectors Your GTR has 6 injectors, an SR only has 4 injectors.
  9. How much for: Apexi EL2 Oil Temp + Water Temp + Oil Pressure + Controller (all in black face)
  10. GT3071R-700382-3

    Yea for sure. The results you can get from them considering they bolt straight to a standard manifold are pretty impressive. You will need to cut the engine mount, bend the oil/water lines slightly, elongate the holes in the oil return flange by 3mm., adapt the front of the turbo to your intake pipe or make a new one, and use a 2" silicon bend off the turbo outlet. just realsied your looking at the .64 housing, i had the .86 so the .64 should have more bottom end then mine did. Mine was fairly sedate around 3k, but once at 4k it got a move on. I think cam gears would go a long way with the turbo also, i just never got around to trying them. I'm assuming Step 1 cams are 264in/ex? If you had the choice, would you go for the 272in/ex, or switch to the .64 housing? Or do you like it exactly how it is?
  11. using the collapsed view is really hard to understand is there a way i can switch back to whatever it was on before the update
  12. Wanted mad photos...

    The moment such as a hot chicks ass? I agree, anth is stealth. Oh and I heard that Arch guy can take photos that are actually in focus and not stupidly overexposed. Hey Arch, give him some credit, the underexposed ones and bad shadows even out the overexposed ones... right?
  13. Wanted mad photos...

  14. 14 cars impounded on our roads last night

    LOL. I didn't think a riced up E36 318i could get to 200km/h