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  1. Wifi SD Card

    I ended up getting the eyefi pro. Had it a few months now. A limitation that I don't like it that you have to plug the adapter into a pc to activate what device you want to send images to. So you can only send images to 1 device at a time. If you've got it set to send to your pc then you're running out the door with your tablet/laptop/phone then you're screwed pretty much. The upload online using hotspots hasn't worked which also means no geotagging. Apart from that I haven't fiddled with it a whole lot to suss out those issues but it's been pretty good otherwise. Images transfer quickly even RAW.
  2. Alarm remote replacement

    Force Electronics can repair some remotes. You can also buy an aftermarket code learning remote but generally car remotes are code hopping so this would be useless.
  3. http://www.mwave.com...ess_SD_Card_8GB Anyone used these? for the travelling photographer it seems a bit of a dream come true. With this wouldn't so much need to carry around a laptop/tablet. How tight are DSLR manufacturers on their SD compatibility?
  4. The iPhone Thread

    Doesn't matter anymore it's been put in the CBF basket. I cleared his phone and tried starting fresh and restoring from a September backup. It got down to the last 2 minutes then said corrupt or not compatible. I ended up setting it up as a new phone and synced his contacts which is when I worked out his sync hasn't been working since September either so he lost 3 months of new contacts. I used iphone backup extractor and found that the last complete backup was the September one. All backups since are missing his contacts and sms. I've spoken to a couple pro's on this and they've indicated the phone is stuffed. There's only 1.5GB on the phone but the backup is generating 14GB. After all this when I told him about the September backup looking ok he turns around and says oh that's when I ran over my phone and got a new one. So it seems when he got the new one he screwed up the setup some how. Now we're trying to convince him to get a new phone while it's under warranty but he won't do it for some reason.
  5. The iPhone Thread

    Need help fixing the bosses iphone4. He upgraded to the latest iOS last week and everything vanished off his phone. Now when trying to restore from any one of the 5 previous backups we have they all say "backup is corrupt or not compatible". I'm assuming something in this latest iOS isn't compatible with older backups. I've also transferred the backups to another PC and get the same error.
  6. Got anymore info on the copyright trolls setting up on the goldcoast? Apart from that http://www.itnews.com.au/News/277167,telstra-logs-84000-filter-redirects.aspx Indicates the 84,000 redirects relates more to child abuse sites, and they are using the IP's Also fact sheet on ACTA http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2008/october/tradoc_140836.11.08.pdf As far as I can tell it that it's aimed at those mass producing counterfeit copies for profit not designed to harass individual consumers. But that's at a skim read...
  7. *** THE NEWS THREAD ***

    Woman wins right to watch porn and masturbate at work Hero father delivers his own baby This one just pissed me off. It was top story on ninemsn couple nights back. My wife started contractions and the hospital refused to acknowledge so she ended up delivering our daughter herself on our bathroom floor. We got no recognition. Also while I was on the phone to 000 the guy said it happens all the time, people are on the way to hospital and the baby is born in the back of the car.
  8. I pocket tap after unloading. Get home unload keys, wallet, phone, bling then tap. Guess I worry that if something is still in the pocket it goes in the wash. Wife has scolded me the entire time for taking off the wedding ring but in the past I've taken it off in my sleep and lost it in the sheets. Weird one which I try my hardest to stop myself is when I drop the mail. After I put the mail in the box I check my phone is still in my pocket. If I manage to stop myself from doing it I still end up checking I have the phone when I get back to the office.
  9. drop down menu goes behind ad

    Same here, only appears to be with Jump On It banner using chrome. Clearing cache didn't fix it.
  10. The random photography thread

    Anyone else short sighted? Been trying to work manual focus more lately on my D60 but with been short sighted despite adjusting the little slider thing on the eye piece I find that what looks in focus to me is actually out of focus once I review it on PC. Even reviewing on the camera I don't notice it. I'd wear my glasses but I find it uncomfortable and I don't have contact lenses. Pretty nub question but has anyone got a another suggestion?
  11. The Parents Thread

    With our first I had reward facing baby seat in the back of the 180. Didn't fit, had to have the passenger seat forward and tied down so it wouldn't touch. Then they changed the laws i.e. has to be in the back. Gone with the GT forester myself after trying an in between car I'm too ashamed to mention. Now fits 1 forward facing behind me and reward facing behind the wife. Anyone have, know or use to be themselves a puker? spent another 30 min cleaning power chuck again last night. Have asked numerous specialist and they all come back with "some kids are like that, they usually grow out of it". He's almost 4 and while he's improved greatly from the reflux days it's still something I'd prefer not to deal with. He's had a cold for about 2 weeks now and only just getting his appetite back. Last night knocked off raferty's lasagne, nutella samich, snack pack and cheese. Then gave him a jewb multi vitamin which he made a weird noise before exploding all over the cupboards. He did have reflux when he was young. He's had nasogastric tube twice in his short life. I noticed couple months back that you can see his epiglottis when he opens his mouth but paediatrition said it's normal. When brushing his top left teeth he gags so I'm pretty sure he's got some problem that shouldn't be there but we get no useful answers.
  12. what do you spend on groceries?

    $150 a week for may as well say 2 of us. We buy the kids stuff as needed, generally not with the usual shopping except extra 2L milk and loaf of bread. Heaps more than it use to be, when we moved into our own place 7 years ago we got away with around $70 a week. Only been the past couple years it went from $100- $150
  13. The Parents Thread

    Parent of 2 here. Boy turning 4 in July and girl turning 1 in July. Our little girl is great. Apart from labour only lasting couple hours and her accidental birth on our bathroom floor 3 weeks premature she's a picture of health. But I feel sorry for her, everyone says she looks just like me. I picked her up from childcare for the first time yesterday and they just looked at me and said you're hear for Natalie aren't you? Little Zac is a different story and we're still battling with him. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive whatever that means and global development delay. At 1 he was admitted to hospital to boost his weight through nasogastric feeding which was heaps rough on all of us. He regularly sees paediatrics, speech pathology, occupational therapist and learning together at home. We've also recently started seeing psychologist to get help with his out of control behavior. Sort of feel along the lines of you name it we've experienced it with Zac.