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  1. 1jz 180sx

    so its been a while since I posted in here, I got it retuned on 20psi a couple of months ago and it makes the same power now than it did on 24psi, it revs to 7800 now and doesnt smash limiter as bad when I hold it flat, I also replaced the steering rack and put in some new slotted rotors, anyway I entered the practice day at Baskerville yesterday, did skids and had fun, I am rusty as haha.
  2. 1jz 180sx

    yeah i know, thats why I got the r31 in the first place, so I can use it at all the practice days, I would love another ae86 but I wouldn't drift one again, if I did get another ae86 I would just want a tidy one with basic mods (cop friendly)
  3. 1jz 180sx

    yeah I do, having a car with power has made my driving kinda lazy, the 180 will be going soon enough. the r31 shouldn't be to hard on tyres, its still na, I remember driving to basky and drifting all day then driving home on the same tyres in my old sprinter haha good times
  4. 1jz 180sx

    I thought about it but I got it so that I can work on my driving, plus I should be able to run the r31 all day on a couple of pairs of used tyres.
  5. 1jz 180sx

    yeah I should get to round 2, the r31 is almost ready aswell, only have to do the lines for the hydro, get some head studs for the exhaust manifold fixed and get the adjustable panhard rod kit welded up. haha when I go to the track again I will.
  6. 1jz 180sx

    yeah man jz tandems for sure, not sure about doing the practice day, I'll see how I go for funds at the time.
  7. 1jz 180sx

    I won't be doing the first round, I should have it at round 2 though
  8. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    no worries, yeah sweet
  9. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    yeah, I will keep an eye out and let you know if I see a cheap one, have you got some front wheels sorted for round 1
  10. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    before round 2 you should get a safc and 2jzgte injectors and get it sorted on a dyno, you will pick up a little bit of power, but mainly just make sure its running safe.
  11. coilover spring rates for rb25 in 180sx

    I run 8/6 in my 1jz 180sx, it drives nice and drifts well, I put a set of ISC coilovers with 10/8 in my r31 and they are crazy stiff. but you might like the feel of 10/8 so its all good, if you do want to change springs they are easy enough to find.
  12. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    sux about the rim man, yeah weatherhead will fix that no worries
  13. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    good to see you got it ready for the practice day, it sounds the goods
  14. 1jz R32, running and loving life

    you will love the torque of the 1jz, r155 will be ok, first gear will suck a bit though, I think first is lower than reverse in them haha, the rest of the gears are close enough to the r154's