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  1. What do you look like?

    Yeah, that's me in the middle, and the one to the right is a female. My hair is a far cry from what it used to be lol Here's another one from the Depeche Mode show with my mate and his family 2 months ago here in Dallas http://www.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPhoto.asp?evgroupid=0&userid=SuperpagescomCenter&gallery_id=1731622&image_id=14&pos=15 Sorry can't hot link because it's Flash and cbf paying for a photo from the ripoff LiveNation tools. P.S. Depeche Mode rocked that night!
  2. Paranormal Activity

    I saw it a week ago here in the U.S. Bloody hell, I still can't sleep right now. I really wished I had never seen the movie, that's how screwed up it is.
  3. What do you look like?

    It's been a while since I last posted here so here ya go. Was at a local drift event, and been growing my hair out for 9 months now
  4. Thylacine/Tasmania Tiger

    I hope they exist, along with the Balinese tiger.
  5. My cardio consists of treadmill and elliptical. I would do a bike but it yields little benefit and doesn't burn as much calories as the treadmill and elliptical often does. On the weekends I go all out and spend about an hour and a half at the highest incline possible. I do much of that actually. I really don't have much of a social life here so I use that towards getting my work done.
  6. yes i know its in america but we have already had a plan for an isolated Islamic community compound here in Perth so it wont be long before this happens in Aus I've been around members of this group over here in the U.S. and take it from me, they are full of hot air. They are just a bunch of delusional high school dropouts who wet their pants over their idea of a regressive Islamic state. These people really do not have any support here in America, and based on living in both AU and US, the US is the least likely country for the Muslim community to embrace their absurd ideas. They are full of shit, in other words. A lot of them are such hypocrites that they bash the West for the same freedoms that would ironically be denied to them even in Saudi Arabia. Ever wonder why so many Muslim countries have banned the group and deal with them in a harsh manner? Their activities prove a lot. That being said, I encountered more of these fanatics when going to Lakemba than anywhere in America. Here's an article debunking a lot of the garbage that the Hizb-ut-Tahrir nitwits preach: http://www.altmuslim.com/a/a/a/3210/ As a Muslim living in the West, I prefer to participate in this country by exercising my right to vote, a right that these nitwits frown upon as "man-made"
  7. For youth allowance in America, not that I know of. After all, if we had something like that, all the Republicans would be bitching and griping about it lol I won't be working much when the fall semester starts later this month, so hopefully I can add more training sessions into my daily routine.
  8. I get up at 7, have class at 8-10 (I'm currently in summer school right now since I'm in the states), then work at 11-7:30, then get home at 8:15 (work commute is 60km's one way), then work on my assignments and study (if no assignments due, then I devote the time to cardio and weights), and then I go to bed by 10:30-11. Some days I don't even work out depending on the workload from uni and if there's an exam coming up. Oh, and the work schedule I mentioned above applies to Monday-Thurs, since on Fridays I go to work at 9 and get off at 5:30, get to my other side gig at 6 for 2-3 hours, then I go work out if I'm not tired by then. So my only free days are the weekends so I tend to hit up as much cardio as I can. I've been doing it a lot more now since I wanted to reassert my willpower and not slack off on my health anymore. To Simon_C: Mate, I live in America so we don't get youth allowance lol See above for my schedule for more clarification. The thing is, uni classes here aren't scheduled like they are over in Aus. On a regular uni semester here, we either go to class MWF or T-Th, or MW, depending on how long the classes are. Those who meet up weekly tend to be about 3 hours, unlike when I attended MQ where it's only an hour of lecture and an hour of tutorials. I'm still living at home mate, but make no mistake. I not only pay my own bills and petrol, but I also have been helping out around the house since my father was made redundant a couple of months ago so I'm contributing to the mortgage as much as I can. Luckily my mother works right now but even then it's still a bit much so I might as well help out instead of being a leech no? To the rest, thanks for your contributions. I just have to do whatever it takes because I unfortunately come from a family with a lot of heart issues so I don't want to be next
  9. Those of you that work and attend uni full time, how do you guys find time to work out? I'll admit I'm having a lot of difficulty, but doing the best I can. Ideally, I would prefer to do an hour of intense cardio and 30 minutes of weights, but even then it is difficult when you have assignments to do on top of it. Anyone else in the same position and chime in on what they do to keep up with their fitness while maintaining decent grades and a strong work ethic as well? It's been stressing me out a lot. In addition, do you still have time to work on the diet as well? When I got back home from Aus, I was pretty slim and was well fit. A few months later, I'm back to the same as I was before I came. The only time I have to do what I want to do is usually on the weekends and I try to spend maybe an hour and a half of cardio in the mornings in order to increase fat burn. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Well, I can't believe 10 years have gone by, to be honest. It honestly feels like it was very recent. But it might have to do with the fact that I remember watching the events unfold on the television screen in my classroom on that afternoon 10 years ago. I never thought something as brutal as this could occur, in spite of previous shootings such as one in Arkansas a year prior. But it is the sheer intensity, the brutality, and the bloodlust in which this event shocked us all, not just in America, but also worldwide. I remember the international reaction to the tragedy as one of blame, quick to blame our gun culture for this. Serbians were also quick to exploit this tragedy by pointing out the alleged barbarity of the U.S. Even your former Prime Minister John Howard insisted on the U.S. to take heed of your country by adopting similar draconian gun laws afterwards. Another blame game was occurring in the U.S., but more along the lines of blaming violent video games, movies like The Matrix, music artists such as Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, and Rammstein, and the Goth subculture, in addition to the never-ending debate about gun control. If you were an NRA member, you would have been the subject of alienation and ridicule. Charleton Heston became enemy no. 1 for these gun control advocates, as well as the rest of the town for that matter. But no one even bothered to address the root causes of this tragedy. It's just too simple to seek out scapegoats to find quick answers to our questions, but they nevertheless do not fail to address the root causes. From observing the past 10 years, it did change the face of the US educational system. It did bring about a new reality for many of us who were in high school when these events unfolded. Metal detectors, see-through backpacks, and zero-tolerance laws became the norm. Even jokingly calling for someone to be killed was grounds for an expulsion. People who were part of the Goth subculture and described as "loners" were scrutinized ever closely, in spite of the fact that the two killers never subscribed to this particular subculture nor did they even listen to Marilyn Manson. Lives were ruined by overzealous school officials who were looking for an excuse to crack down on these individuals, while doing relatively little about the issue of bullying. Manson's interview with Michael Moore for the film Bowling for Columbine is one I will remember for the eloquent point he pointed out, in which he stated that he would not have done nothing, except to listen to them. Furthermore, this would forever change the tactics of law enforcement when it comes to reacting to these events. Personally for myself, the Columbine massacre helped shaped my adolescence. Like 9/11, it affected me because I witnessed the events unfold live on television, seeing the crowds of students evacuated out of the building, observing Patrick Ireland hanging from the window of a library window after being wounded with two bullets in the head before landing into the arms of a SWAT team, bursting in tears in class when students were rushing out bawling their eyes over something so brutal and unthinkable in a middle-class suburban town, and seeing students hugging one another in addition to the photo of four girls limping in agony featured on the cover of the Newsweek issue. Gone were the days that people thought their kids would be safe in the refuge from the outside world. I would look at the world in a different way after it, and as a result, it was a factor which led to myself being more aware about the world around me, instead of being bloody insular. The images in this slideshow sure are forever etched in my memory. Here's a video I found of some raw footage of the news coverage as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PPoFYvVyHg RIP to those who perished in this terrible tragedy 10 years ago today. P.S. If you are going to post something negative since this happened in America, don't bother to post. This is something that affected a lot of people greatly at the time. Not to mention that a town named Bega in NSW even named a park after Columbine, since Bega and Littleton were both sister cities since 1959. I also don't want to turn this into a debate about America's gun laws either (or whether guns are good or bad). While I do realize that the whole world does not revolve around America, nevertheless, the international reaction to this would beg to differ on how shocked the world was. So again, out of respect for those who died, don't post if you got only negative things to say.
  11. Fast And The Furious 4

    I saw the film last night. As expected, bunch of hoons were doing burnouts in the parking lot, with one idiot in a Evo IX rear-ending a BMW M3 as soon as I pulled out of the theatre. The film was entertaining though, since I didn't expect a hard-hitting story anyways.
  12. 'Persian' guidos

    I knew you were the son of Zeus
  13. I love Los Angeles for the shit it produces :lol: Source
  14. You mean nationalism, right? Patriotism is a concept that is not limited to America, FYI. I don't see anything wrong with expressing love for their country, but I do agree that it can definitely go overboard, as evident by some of the examples displayed here.
  15. At least Obama won't waste the first 9 months of his presidency at his ranch while al-Qaeda plots another devastating attack on our soil. Whoops, that was the last guy, my bad.