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  1. S15 Cusco Castor Rods - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used Hi all, No longer required Cusco castor arms to suit s chassis - good condition, no rust. We all know what these look like. Ta Ibi
  2. 10.6 @ 141 mph in our s15... and counting

    we were out a few weeks ago managed a 10.4 132 mph but the splitfire coilpacks decided to start playing up. cdi and coil packs purchsed now need to find time to fit it
  3. 1/4 Mile Times

    10.4 132 mph in our s15.. damn coilpacks kept playing up. ignition system getting upgraded as we speak
  4. 1/4 Mile Times

    10.6 @141 deffinately more in her stay tuned!
  5. 10.6 @ 141 mph in our s15... and counting

    its an sr20 basic forged bottom end, custom camshafts, oversized valves gt3082 turbo id 2000cc injectors.. car made 417 rwkw @30psi on e85 got kicked off for no parachute
  6. No 2 step No front runners ET street radials 5 speed H pattern gearbox video doesnt show the 10.6 pass as it was very early in the day and the media dude hadnt rocked up yet
  7. theyve got a control box which is located behnd the passenger kick panel that could be faulty
  8. 1/4 Mile Times

    went 11.1@ 125 mph. first ever drag outing with this car now we will be focusing on suspension upgrades etc http://fullboost.com.au/gallery.php?dirSection=racing/drag/2012&dirStory=calder_120120&image=199&maxImage=310
  9. 900hp SR20VET S13

    what gearbox is in this car?
  10. Windscreen replacement

    0438326692 ON site windscreens; tell him Ibi from transcar gave You his number ....
  11. ye poor billy love tapped his car; as for the damage surprisingly only a taillight needs replacing and LH quarter and rear bar require some paintwork which the boys at work have commenced the repairs already!
  12. VicDrift July Members day

    Any pics of the 2 white s15's? Thanks
  13. VicDrift Practice Day

    pics of the white Transcar S15 to info@transcar.com.au
  14. VicDrift Practice Day

    anyone thats NOT going to make it please pm me would really like to go!
  15. EPA full emission test

    been there done that; egr MUST go on and be plumbed back CORRECTLY. cams ive gotten away with on a gtr but they were small cams so didnt affect mixtures. if your car is from the sr family then leave the front pipe and stick a standard catback on ive always passed with this setup