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  1. OG tomk was boss, sif you'd wanna delete that shit.
  2. S15 Rolling Shell?

    i know stewie, and i know how he drives. if you think you are going to drive like him, then you are kidding yourself. i'm sure he would love a RB25. but that shit costs money and if the 20 hasn't blown, he isn't going to spend money changing. lets not forget all the dramas he has with it as well. it has only been running the TD06 for the last year, pretty sure it doesn't make 300 either (though i could be mistaken) have you driven a 300rwkw RB20? they are f**king pigs. Big bump, but i wanted to set the record straight. At the time of this post i probably had about 3x RB25's sitting in my garage, as i post this i have 2 and 4 on the way, all of them will be sold or parted, i make the decision not to run RB25's because i prefer RB20's. Everyone naturally thinks RB25's are going to be better, and generally when you jump in and drive one, they feel easier or "torqueier" because their low down is. Fact is, i can run more boost, more RPM safely through an RB20 than an RB25, i run the exact same turbo on the RB25 in my Laurel, as i did on my RB20 in my R32, the RB20 i ran 25-30psi through, and it wasn't even tuned for that turbo or boost levels, or even an external wastegate for that matter. As far as running like a pig? No, it ran like a race engine, it's powerband was high, like any race engine, it wasn't designed to pull a caravan. An extra 500rpm response? Big deal, i can run 1000rpm higher limiter safer in an RB20, i can also run it low on oil, water, fuel anything at it will survive. RB20, RB30, RB25, SR20 in order of appearance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrJc_J3BpL0 Suck it blingy
  3. ISC Coilovers

    most jap branded coilovers are made in china or taiwan, which is why they are shit quality, most parts made in Japan are of a fairly high standard. The good thing about a lot of jap branded coilovers is that even if they are made in chinese/taiwan, they are often tested to provide good balance with each chassis by guys who know their shit, their valving is often played with a little, as with spring rates etc. a lot of the generic taiwan or chinese stuff is generic bench valving, and the testing is more to just make sure they don't blow up more than anything. in saying that there are some generic brands doing more and more testing which is good, but still leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. nisskid's 32 4 door

    do that, but with 300rwkw, 30psi, limiter bashing, over 100degrees water temp, days on end... lol if i ran an engine with 300kw with 30psi id probley check my oil once in awhile and run some kind of cooling system but hey, driving>building right i wasn't trying to defend my role in this, only the engine as i let it down, it didn't let me down. until you're in my shoes you can't really say what you would and wouldn't have done, i was having some real bad luck with the car, and when you spend that much time doing everything else on it just to get it out, only to have some shitty issue end your day, event after event, the small things get overlooked as quite frankly you don't want to even look at the car any more than you have to. the engine hasn't drunk or spilled a drop in the 7 years i'd owned it, i'd put 5 litres in, and pull the same out months or years later in some cases. Ultimately it wasn't the engines fault, it was a shitty sandwich plate, HKS albeit, which was leaking onto a pre-existing hydraulic leak which i was unable to fix due to the stress loads on my steering system with the setup it had. as far as cooling, jump in any drift car and try and do consecutive laps, no break, no breather, and see if you can keep the temp below 100 degrees after 5 minutes, let alone half an hour which we were doing at tailem bend and winton. 100 degrees is nothing for the 20 anyway, i ran this one with no water in the system for 3-4 half hour sessions in 36 degree heat at winton, couldn't fix the problem, had paid over $1000 to get there so figured i'd get my laps in, since there was no water to go off its temp, oil was the best bet, but it was reading off the end of the gauge so no idea how hot it got. another RB20 of mine i did the same, huge hole in the radiator, car was getting wrecked next day, couldn't find a rad to put in it, drove it for about an hour until it started knocking, kept driving but wasn't until the next day that it threw a rod after i went out and drifted it from cold for about 20 minutes, pickering could hear the knock from in front of me in his straight piped SR20 S13.
  5. nisskid's 32 4 door

    dunno, couldn't get the boot controller to get it any lower, possibly faulty controller, the spring in the wastegate was good to open up at 16psi or there abouts. that paired with the shitty au coilpacks was why i could only run .45 gap. Roy was making 304rwkw on 22psi with his 20 (you do need a bit more boost on a 20, and it is a 20g not a 25g which a lot of the rb25's run), but i have no idea how much mine made, it's a rough guess, it never got tuned with that turbo or even any external wastegate setup, and it was running a tiny gap, so that was hurting it's power.
  6. nisskid's 32 4 door

    i had skidded it for about an hour with bottom end knock at that stage and she was sounding pretty ready to let a rod go lol
  7. nisskid's 32 4 door

    i know holdens which have dealt with more abuse than that, holdens... that's not abuse.
  8. nisskid's 32 4 door

    do that, but with 300rwkw, 30psi, limiter bashing, over 100degrees water temp, days on end... lol
  9. nisskid's 32 4 door

    it makes room for the part of the brain which tells them to buy an engine which will still last longer than the other shitty engines WITH regular oil checks.
  10. nisskid's 32 4 door

    did about 4-5 track days with less than 3l based off rough guess, the last track day it had less than 1.5ltr, skidded all day limiter bashing, started knocking, kept driving for 40mins, dropped the oil and there was a bit less than 1ltr in there. shit is only just beginning with this car, believe me...
  11. What Australian drifting needs

    For a scene like drifting to thrive it needs to be built on tradition. People need to pay props and stick to their f**king guns. "Hey media kid you're not killing it, get off your f**king high ass hipster horse thats already been done so no we dont want to get you to 1000 likes" "Hey new pro drifter man, lose your shit *milkshake* arrogant attitude. You have only drifted a few days" "Hey doucheon mandick dont you know that style is a subjective thing, WHO GIVES A f**k ITS NOT TO YOUR TASTE, its about how the brother rocks it" "Hey dick head any one can buy a catalog of parts get off your own dick" Right now any body can come into the scene and think they are "the best everrrrrrr" in all aspects (drifting,photos, filming). For a scene that want's to grow it is gonna have to start paying attention to its own self and have tradition. Idealism bro, taking away varying attitudes, motives and ego's all together is an impossible task. We all know attitude is the big problem, the issue isn't stating that it's the problem, it's practical solutions which change it which are few and far between. You'll never get rid of it, i see it creeping into even the most legit people until they correct themselves after seeing it come out, it's ingrained into us, it's something everyone has to fight, well all have ego's, so to expect it to be completely rid of it isn't practical.
  12. Drifting quitters

    as far as tyres, it depends how you drive, i get away with a few pairs for the whole weekend, chalking, harry handbraking, high pressures and not letting your shit cool down is why so many people go through tyres, if you "drift" and not just powerslide you'll go through f**k all
  13. Drifting quitters

    lol, it's about 10x easier to get a hooker in Japan as it is in Aus, they walk around in the city asking you constantly, it gets to the point where it's just f**king annoying having to tell tricks and pimps to f**k off.
  14. Drifting quitters

    people blowing engines and stressing about their car, sounds like people in this thread need moar rb20.
  15. Air lock / vacuum lock diffs for drift ?

    mechanical lsd skips, but is far from a locked diff, it's performance around corners is much better, although it may skip here and there, it's not too bad. An airlocked diff would be handy, however you'd lose the performance of a mechanical LSD, so though the hills etc it'd be a junk open wheeler, or a locked diff which pushes the front. whilst drifting, you'd be ok. back in the day i used to run a locked diff for track, then switch over a normal viscous in for street between each event, only because i was on a budget, however an air locked diff would be ideal in that situation if you did no grip work on the street/track where you needed a decent diff to put power down without giving you bad understeer like you get with a locker.