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  1. Sub blowen

    could be a busted voice coil thing.... u talking about the pioneer sub with the silver face ye?? with a silver circley thing in da middle??
  2. Legal Advice

    good point there professor... like it doesn;t affect my visibility... well i dont see a difference to when i didn;t have it.... and i have no installed a dimmer into it so i can almost turn it off (hehehe simple variable resisotor inline with power circuit)... so regardin the laws... i should be safe?? like if a police officer pulls me over he cann't defect or fine me for them?? (LOL i know i am gettin paranoid now but i thought might as well ask) thanks for ya help so far!!
  3. Legal Advice

    also a question to anyone who can help me.. a few weeks ago i installed 2 gauges (both DIN) so its more or less built into dash and is not protruding.... the question i have is.... the light for the gauges are a bit bright.. and its a LED type.. not back lit... so the light reaches the roof of the car.... its not a annoyance when driving @ all but is there any laws regarding the brightness of interior accessories??? thanks for any help
  4. security code

    check in ur Owners manual thing... in my car they put the stereo manual with the owners manual pack thingy.... just check in the pack it might be there... pain in the arse that code is... had me stressin LOL
  5. hey thanx for that suggestion... checked out how stuff works and they had a quick video explaing what it is.. pretty interesting.. i knew the jist of it but it goe down into a bit more detail on how it works... good watch LOL if u wanna know what its about
  6. umm sorry to ask such a broad question but... how do these things work?? always been curious about it... *goes to check google* LOL
  7. new pics from HIN - cleveland, ohio

    LOL i love it man!! but whats with the Lincoln Navigator with Scissor doors?? 7th pic down.. haha
  8. Got my Install Finished! YAH

    yeh good work on gauges man... i just did mine too herez a pic of gauges (yeh i know its not a Silvia.. and N/A @ it too hehe) no laughing EDIT: okay in the preview for pix u caint see them but click and it shows up
  9. yeh das what i though AI-NET is only ipod.. but then again why woul;dn;t alpine put in AUX in?? as for FM modulator... i dont think i will use that LOL... the drop in sound quality will piss me off haha...
  10. 200SX S15 sub box designs

    do u want the 15 for looks??? if not get a good 12inch sub and amp and KABOOM!! watch it shake baby!!! or if u got no room to play with ported would be your best bet i thinks... 15nch sub would need quite alot of volume wouldn;t it if its sealed
  11. to carputer or not carputer

    as for vibrations u can always have some sort of suspension for it... like put some kinda dampening... silicon gel?? das what i did when i set up some stuff in my friends car
  12. to carputer or not carputer

    i would say go for it too... i always wanted to put one in but $$$ has been the problem hehe it definetly is something different and not common yet... stand out hehe!!
  13. TURBO with LPG

    i always though LPG burns at a much highter temperature than petrol.. wouldn;t that hurt the cylinders etc in the long run??
  14. Using an MP3 Player in car

    i go a Kenwood KDC 8023.... has the 2 RCA outs and 1 RCA in..... the RCA in is hooked up to my ipod... it works well... but since ipod's power output is low u have to turn up the HU up quite a bit...
  15. electrical f*#k up

    ur cars possessed??? haha sorry... first thing u should always check when electrical screw ups is Fuses and Gounds... then look @ wiring.... just like what ^^^^ said.. hope u fix it up dude