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  1. R32 GTR Wheels, Sparco Wheels 16", Rear 5 Stud conv

    pm sent
  2. 180sx Indicator stalk

    Need an indicator stalk in good nick for a 93' 180sx. msg me if you have in melbourne area. 0421 seven five seven 329 Cheers, Anth
  3. Fs: Bride Brix 2 With Rail - $900

    how much for the nardi wheel?
  4. old school G-FUNK era

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG1UN28VnAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78eyqlgX2xU
  5. Fark you Kents need a life. My way.. Your way.. Same outcome I just think my way will last longer. I'm sorry If im going against some sort of sr20 rocker cover modifications code.
  6. For a good fabricator either way shouldn't be a problem. It's the same concept but you cut a half moon out if the front just around the vct bulge and fill it with the half moon off the s13 cover. It's cast alloy so by doing it like this you keep most of the structural integrity. Smaller cuts means less chance of cracks. I like doing things once.
  7. The alloy isn't thick and is old. Rather be safe than have to do it again. The outcome is the same either way.
  8. After speaking with my fabricator we decided that just cutting out the vct in a half moon shape so to not cut across/in between any bolt holes to keep it as strong as possible. I can see the straight cut across the top way of doing it cracking after a few times of bolting it on and taking it off.
  9. and I dare say it but it could be something really stupid.. like a bracket loose somewhere under the car that on that rev it makes a vibration.. I've seen this happen before. Have you tried putting it up on a hoist and going through the gears?
  10. What clutch are you using? and what diff are you using? I'd still say something is out of balance or alignment.
  11. gtx3071 twin scroll

    You're going to get conflicting views asking on here because everyone has different ideas of how a street car should be set up. stop wasting time on here and go and speak to the person that's actually going to build your car and tune it and see what they say. IMO keep it simple mate. low mount td-06 like blingy said.. don't worry about power figures too much. its only a number. you want it to drive well. also going from a stock sr to 300rwkw you will never advance as a driver..
  12. it wouldn't be the spigot. your tailshaft probably isn't balanced right. is the gearbox shifting properly? and does the clutch feel normal? if its always happening at exactly the same revs i'd be looking at the tailshaft first.
  13. gtx3071 twin scroll

    and I didn't notice you said fullrace manifold... double that figure then..
  14. gtx3071 twin scroll

    have a look at Powertunes stuff.. $1000 for manifold plus $300 for hpc coating. $250 for turbo lines. $300 odd x 2 for gates. $1800? turbo. dump pipe.. then there is bigger fuel pump and injectors if you haven't got big enough ones.. and a boost controller wouldn't go astray and then a tune.. by the time you add all that up you wont get much change out of maybe 5.5k? how serious are you mate? what are your plans for the car? how deep are your pockets?