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  1. LH Door Silvia/ 180

    Straight Passenger door for sale All electrics work with window $200 txt 0420605770
  2. Rare Genuine BBS RS Rims RS243 BBS RS243 Came off a Nissan Silva / 180 Specs Size: 16×7.0 Offset: +33 PCD: 4H114.3 Hubbore: 66.00 These are a very rare Genine set of rims Have to clean out old mans shed as in live in wa now Located in Nth Richmond , Sydney Welcome to view first They have a little gutter rash to to bad, comes with tyres that are ok Comes as you see 3 peice rims Great drift rims or racing wheels $2500 ono Call or txt me on 0420605770
  3. S13 Window wont go up!?!

    exact same thing happen to me allready spent the time figuring out prob and it is power window amp behind driver door trim i got one of someone on the forum cos i couldnt find a new one, but to get ya out of trouble its the black box with 1 plag on it i pulled mine apart cleaned it with elec spary and worked for another month so yeah thanks it
  4. S13 engine conversion

    i did the conversion and ran a s14 gearbox and used the s13 speedo plastic drive in s14 box reads right
  5. S13 engine conversion

    yeah i has power to it and cranks had to swap those couple of wires around for power fc t o work but now runs real rough like timimgs out but its not i dont know what it is
  6. Power fc on s14a

    im tring to start my motor put s15 in s13 car and i got no spark and fuel so will i have to do this pin swap aswell even though the guys i bought it of said its for a s15
  7. S13 engine conversion

    it is an oboration tried to start car tonight and has no spark or fuel dont know why its powed up and yeah an oboartion do u know if you have to do anything with th power fc to start it
  8. S13 engine conversion

    hey im cuurently doing a s15 motor into my s13 sr non turbo too. i have fittted s14 gearbox with s13 flywheel as they are same, its easy to put in but the wiring was hre hard part i tried to do it myself and it just did my head in i had a full s15 wirring harness and my mate that helped me said i would of been easier to make most llom up him self due to using original fuse box in engine bay . using wiring diagram of a s15 manaul and the dodgy s13 manual that i downloaded from here. not sure bout your piping as om geeting custom pipes made to keep battery in place due to not wanting to get a smaller one and other reasons. unless you know a bit bout wirring its going to be hard. cos the s13 get its power from the 3 plugs at front of car and s15 get from dash harness so we had to runs wires from front. best bet is too get your harness and strip of all the parts you dont need in my case no abs and stuff like that to minium the wires that your playing with them tag each connector of what its foe saves time when connecting shit up. an d the pats system i dont know if thi was only cos it was a s15 but you need a aftermarket comp( power fc) or you have to by the anti thieft system (nats) the gearbox is ok for spedo if your using s13/s14 box but havent driven mine yet to see if its acuate so to the speedo driver.
  9. hey need anyone with a s14 or s15 motor in there s13 car i need to know which way u have put your hoses onto the heater core pipes on firewall cos i dont know which way to connect them up
  10. Rose joints.

    rose joints waer very very quickly expessaly if it doesnt have a cover over it you can try lubing it your self then if that doesnt work get a new rose joint only not whole arm and get a boot for new one you wont have to do a wheel aliment if you dont cahnge the settings on them
  11. defi a/f into a power fc

    he said air fuel gauge and i think you may have to run them of o2 sensors or something like that not too sure
  12. yeah i had another look in manual and they are all separate wiring diagrams for each separate ones so that will do me but it will just take a while
  13. hey thanks for your help but i need a diagram with whole pic of wiring loom like were they go wire colours and stuff not just the actuall ecu pinout. i probly didnt explain myself properly.
  14. Hey putting a s15 motor in a s13 atm. and i really need a wiring diagram of ecu i have looked in manual and its not atually a wiring diagram it just tells you were they plugs go. So if anyone has this or can link me that would be great thanks
  15. i have same kit from just jap and it fits my defi sensor in it but if i were u i would buy and adapter put in the relocation hoe and put your sensor in that