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  1. Well its finally registered.. the first pic is of my first drive to nsw.. ok great.. now I cannot upload pictures wtf?
  2. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    whats a 2cent made out of ? I would also really like to know why the fark a cop is in the background...
  3. here is a video of the 180 test drive, 3 days before before........ awate next post lol..
  4. Hi Guys,,. I usually would look harder but my net connection it slow as phuck and I dont have that much patiance for it atm.. so will R32 GTR caster rods fit in an s13? I know the r33 rods are too long, but I am unsure of R32... (again has to be GTR) Cheers, Jacob
  5. Hi guys, well now that the car is safe at my new house I will actually finish the damn thing.. thanks for all the support too.. GFUNK,, I have send you a PM.... be nice to catch up soon as I get this thing on the road. walbro fuel pump and sard FPR Fitted
  6. brake master cylinder seal or rebuild kit

    Hey Bling, its a R32 master.. but fair call.. anyone got a r32 gtst that I can have the jap vin off?? Just called nissan and apparently I need it.
  7. Hi Guys, Well I went for registration the other day and my master had dropped all its fluid. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that I can buy a seal or rebuild kit from? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jacob
  8. Hi Kemp, that guy is a loser.. what forum? not here?
  9. I'll get some photos of the car up tomorrow.. its in really good condition though I do need a CA S13 passenger seat if anyone has one they wanna sell.
  10. Oh, you guys are the only people who understand how happy I am to have my car back... everyone else is like "eh! its just a car!!!" here are some photos of the house.
  11. Hi Guys,, thanks for the support. well I got a lift from cops today up to where I left my car.... and...... it was pretty much sitting where I left it!!!! WTF@!!!@#!@$##!%@^$!%@ SOOOOO FKN HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! Drove it to a mates house. its safe! I did however leave some parts in the shed along with some wheels, paint, random other things that are gone... but STILL.. I HVAE MY CAR!!!! Ahh Im now drinking some beer and feeling awesome. though I have nothing else apart from a car and bike now AHaha... BUT god im so much happier than I was the other day. I did take photos with my camera I found in the bathroom floor lol, but because of all the mud and water I have to wash it before opening it.,.,. ( dont worry, its shock and waterproof) :D :D :D :D
  12. I get to see where I parked the car today!!! wish me luck guys.. Fingers crossed taht everything is perfect as I left it. PS. Thanks heaps for all the support guys, but I think it would be best to help family and close friends first.
  13. looks to be around goodna/redbank area. yea goodna. Mates house. Just to clear up everything.. I just purchased a house in springfield while staying with a mate saving, my house is insured that I have not moved into yet. However my mate "who im staying with" does not have insurance... my 180sx does not have insurance because it was not at my house and because its not registered. Fingers crossed that the car is fine. you never know everything could be perfect!
  14. Hi Guys, yea still under water.. I cant wait to see whats there. Will keep you posted.. I dont think Ill give up.. though it may be a while before I can get back on my feet. just paid 4300 to fix my dog and just purchased a house. I wont give up.
  15. This video is so close to the truth.. Nothing to do with speeding, fools. Hey man, thats a really nice thought, but I should be fine... I hope, but im thinking that I may buy a S13 silvia or s14? maybe. if I have to shell swap it. thanks again. I really hope no one else loses their car,. people are telling me that at least you are safe and you havn't lost a loved one or family member. (this is true, and I really do appreciate that I have not lost anyone close to me).. BUT, Those people dont have a passion for cars, they drive it from A to B and dont care if someone opens a door into it or leans on it etc. For people who work on cars like you and me they are not just cars, and I dont expect these people to understand. It's a passion thing, therefore a love thing.. It does break my heart, but I can just hope its okay. Fingers crossed Thanks for the support guys. here are some photos. 1st and 2nd. was at 3pm 3rd at 3:45 4th at 3:55 5th at 4:25 6th was other end of street. Parked the car and bike at highest point I could find and crossed fingers.. the last photo was taken of the TV and the red square is where the house should be lol.