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  1. they are huge in the states havnt picked up here yet and i hope they dont... i can go to my local wrecker and pick up a alternator, ps pump, or starter for less than $60 the current engine im building i picked up complete for $50... u will ussualy get a good one at the wreckers with sub 100k for about 1300-1500 unopened engines with stock valve train have seen around 500 reliably really comes down to how u treat it though i think... just like any motor im surprised no one has built one for a drift car yet... im putting mine into a jza80
  2. na i dont sorry mate search good times racing on facebook though.. plenty of pics of their drag car
  3. good times racing is making around 1300hp i think on their 3rz s14 drag car im building one atm for my car
  4. Fabrication Pics Thread

    something ive been building last few months in my spare time
  5. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    There is going to be a massive market for 5 stud hubs. Someone needs to get of there ass and mass produce them cause they arnt cheap! Greg. What happen to the ones u were making. The s13 5 stud ones?
  6. Fabrication Pics Thread

    I'm also about to do a tube front from the firewall haha. U have any other pics of where the front legs go to? I was thinking of going all the way through to the front legs but still trying to decide!
  7. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Is a 1.6 I'm sure. And yeh I have a ac balance. I will have to run a few lines and change the settings in between to see what works the best Does it change anything if the cleaning is too high?
  8. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Also I'm guessing I should have a longer down slope to stop it from dropping at the end?
  9. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Had a quick play using acetone. I know it's only a line but I havnt done much ally work. Going to practice making a box. Having the foot pedal helps heaps. U can really tell when it starts getting hot and u have to get of it. What kind of post flow and pre flow times and what kind of lpm u guys use. I'm using around 15 lpm with about 1 sec pre and about 4 seconds post
  10. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Very nice! I'll have a good play on the weekend
  11. Fabrication Pics Thread

    What kind of prep did u do on the ally rocker covers to weld on the fittings. I been playing around with ally a bit lately so would be good to know what people do. A lot say to use thinners / acetone then wire brush it? But it doesn't look like its been brushed unless it was repolished?
  12. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Was a little bored this Arvo so had a play. Yeh it's a bit out of proportion but I was just playin
  13. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    New build will be better. Promise haha I've already started to gather parts for it and will be using the running gear from this
  14. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    For sale if anyone is interested. Just the bare chassis and body