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    I have the window amp, a complete steering assembly. PM me.
  2. Kaixen HID

    No. Youre one of those annoying people who puts HID's in cars they arent designed for, and annoy the fuck out of every other road user.
  3. Needing someone to take over our lease

    Just post the details here. I might be interested.
  4. NSW Cop rage

    The thing that all of you don't understand is that it doesnt matter if the officer is right or wrong. They can still defect you. The defect basically refers the issue it to the RTA/Dickson/Whoever to confirm its legality and conformity. Those of you who know me know I'm always up for an argument, and I've tried the whole copy of the ADR's in the car, arguing the point with the officer, and 99% of the time you'll still get the defect for the above reason. It actually seems to me that you've failed the personality test. I've been pulled over a fair few times in my cars, and if you're nice, polite and courteous, you'll get away with a lot more. Having said that if I get caught speeding, on the phone, whatever, sure I'm pissed about it, but more at myself for getting caught. I'll take the fine and demerits. I've been a dick to cops, and it only helps you dig yourself in deeper and walk away feeling more hard done by. In regards to the NSW defect, call the RTA, and also speak to Dickson to get clarification on what you need to do, don't rely on what people on here have to say. And finally, if you feel hard done by, or feel that the officer was unjustly harsh, lodge a complaint about his conduct. It is your legal right to do so. Go talk to the senior station officer in Queanbeyan who will advise you of the next steps. But know that a complaint won't reverse the defect or whatever fines you got. The ombudsman will only deal with your case if this process fails.
  5. WTAC 2012

    I'm going... Free 2 day pass Free penthouse accomodation just up the road Friday and Saturday night
  6. Kaixen HID

    Hi, As Number 1 said, its the warming up sequence, it changes colour dueto the temprature changes of the gas (usually Xenon). Unfortuate for you, the final colour of the light is unable to be changed.
  7. You weren't here in the "old days" either. Get back on topic... So how about Bolger...
  8. Cranky Pants.. As suggested, wait till you get to the hotel, and ask the concierge.. they'll know the best places to go. Otherwise you have the fallback of the place you listed.
  9. things that annoy you

    I'm pretty sure the whole mod team loves *milkshakes* I know I do, and Mandi has been known to enjoy a *milkshake*
  10. things that annoy you

    Your computer has one built in, use the 'Home' button on the keyboard.
  11. Classified Items issues

    Ok. I suggest you make sure you're accessing the website via http://www.nissansilvia.com Then make sure you have all script blockers and popup blockers disabled. Also try using IE or Firefox (preferred)
  12. who can help in canberra?

    Send me a PM with your problem im in Canberra.
  13. All the power is derived from the strategically placed V bottle. It must be near the front right tyre of a tandem axel car trailer, ideally slighty off centre to the axel hub, and approx 10-15 cm from the tyre itself. Depending on the surface which it is placed, the power can be increased exponentially. Asphalt is best, whilst dirt is not ideal.