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  1. for those who may find this thread for help, after pressing most of the wheel bearing out of the housing i found tiny flat spots on the balls and little indents on the race. Even though this looks like nothing it was enough to make an audible noise. $90 new wheel bearing. The swaying feel was indeed due to toe being out, the alignment dude got it as far as he could, still 10mm off, and the car is feeling much better. Adjustable toe arms on the way Should be able to straighten everything out.
  2. Yeah all these are options. First thing to do is go and get a 4 wheel alignment. take it to a reputable place. i use bridgestone. They will tell you if you wheels or sub frame is buckled as well as any rods are out of alignment or not tight enough or what not. then no doubt they will take it for a drive and tell you what is broken. Sounds like a plan, these sorta things are very testing to figure out! Thanks for your help dudes
  3. So i had a little over judgement and collected the island that you see dividing roads ie gutter-grassy patch-gutter on the passenger side. Rear hit first then over the thing and the front snagged a little as well. Bent a few rear arms which i replaced including lower control and traction, now the problem lies here: Firtsly there's a metal on metal scrapping sound coming from the rear, i've checked clearances between moving parts and that's fine, and after putting the car in gear up on stands and having a listen, i'm led to believe i've stuffed a wheel bearing. However when i pull the wheel in and out there's no play i can feel, but not ruling it out. Is there any chance the diff could've been affected? Secondly the car feels super uneasy on the road, feels not so much an alignment issue because it still drives straight, but more it shifts and slides over the road left to right. Thinking steering rack copped it? How could i check this? I've discovered a clunk wen dry steering the wheel so i'm guessing that's play. Car is s13 silvia, SR, R33 5stud_+brakes. Any opinions or stories please share, it drives but i want to get it back to its former self. Dave
  4. Shipping Wheels

    hey mate if ya haven't had any luck i've had wheels shipped down from NSW to VIC with transdirect.com.au they're a courier and i use them for everything postal wise
  5. something weird with spacers

    How bizarre! i would first take both rear wheels off and measure them so as to confirm same offsets and widths, then measure the spacers then take a look at the cradle assembly..elimination dude
  6. If it were me i'd go with that "primer grey" as mentioned earlier, it's kind of aircraft style hahaha
  7. My Two Tone s13 Build

    Appreciated dude! Dunno wats next bought a daily recently as this one got defected and EPA'd, hav cleared the defect but still waiting on the EPA note, not gonna be pretty to clear that but not gonna let it finish me either! Will hav to put it back to stock and then do things very stealthly from there Dave
  8. can someone please help?

    i think it stems from running rich, could be caused by alotta thngs but i guess most obvious check for leaks in vacuum lines, bov as mentioned above, tune...
  9. engine change

    From memory wen i swapped out my CA18DE for a SR20det i retained the CA mounts
  10. Make and model: 1988 S13 SILVIA Size of engine: SR20det Modifications to the car: GT28RS 740s front mount full exhaust remap ss manifold blah blah Type of turbo: GT2860RS more info here: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=393574&st=0&p=5255873&fromsearch=1entry5255873 Trim of turbo: ? Rear Exhaust housing: 0.86 When does vehicle begin boost: view graph When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: view graph Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; no, but adjustable gears What brand: - What lift/duration etc: - Max power achieve at what boost: 201rwkw @ 17psi
  11. My Two Tone s13 Build

    I went down to Sam after getting all these little things completed, we put it on the dyno and pulled a really low ball figure! Turns out the dudes that did my intake pipe were running the BOV off my wastegate actuator line even though i said to them i would like a nipple put in the cooler pipe straight after the turbo to run the wastegate off. Anyway we drilled and tapped a fitting in the correct location and things started to improve. Did a few runs and after Sam played with the maps a little we got 201.2rwkw on 17psi Got a little more than last time as i haven't done any other engine work but really just needed a touch up cos i had lost the CAS positon after changing my oil pump, but he did get me a nicer curve. More power down low and the pick up is nicer building boost, not so flat and then wheel spin
  12. My Two Tone s13 Build

    Update it's been awhile so heres some updates...the koyo radiator went in, performs really well and with the new thermostat cooling is as it should be. I had to modify the AU shroud slighty to fit on the koyo but nothing a grinder can't do. Here some comparitive pics of the quality difference.
  13. Hey mate i've got 4 saber gauges in my sil. The series 1 ones though, they don't have a 'peak' function but i think the series 2 do. Done me very well for the price, nice and simple to read and accurate. check pics here http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=393574&st=0&p=5255873&fromsearch=1entry5255873
  14. My Two Tone s13 Build

    *UPDATE* New greddy sump. Custom intake pipe now running a plumb back BOV. Much improvement with being smoother coming off boost between shifts. Still flutters with low boost but full vents with full boost, wound down to it's softest setting. It's the plumb back type BOV from flynn. Next up getting some fitment with rims, maybe a rear guard flare and booked in a touch up tune for september 9th...stay tuned Dave
  15. Classifieds

    As above just put some rims for sale but when i try and go into the classifieds wheels section the "website cannot display the page" Most likely causes: The website is under maintenance. The website has a programming error. I know things are being fixed at the moment but i wonder if it's my version 7 of internet explorer Or if my listing can still be viewed by others before i go and put any more things up for sale. Thanks in advance Dave