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  1. want to take someone under their wing and train the helll out of them? pm me
  2. broken thumb

    its okay, ive just been doing the sprinting and a bit of running every now and then, just like around the block ill sprint for a bit then slow up, rather than just running in a straight line on an oval.. i get my cast off tomorrow so itll be back to the gym soon!
  3. broken thumb

    ahaha, i could do that.. except i cant even do one pullup aha!
  4. broken thumb

    well at the moment its just to lose a bit of bf, and then when i can go to the gym again it will be to put on lean muscle.. theres about 200g chickenbreast and 150-200g broccoli and about the same with the steak, i try to get between 200 and 250g pieces.. in the sandwich there is around the same aswell, probably a little bit under a 200g chicken breast..
  5. broken thumb

    nobody has any advice on where i can improve this diet? or anything i'm doing wrong?
  6. broken thumb

    hey guys, ive been going to the gym for about 3 months so far, basically just supplementing with protein and eating whatever i want, had an incident playing footy and i broke my thumb so i have a cast for 6 weeks and since i will not be at school, i figure this is a good time to kick my diet into place and focus on trying to lose a little bit of fat by doing sprints.. i'm 17, 80kg and 6ft, heres what ive been eating this week: meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled and one extra eggwhite on a piece of toasted wholegrain meal 2: apple and 95g tin of tuna meal 3: chicken breast and broccoli meal 4: turkey/chicken and salad sandwich(wholegrain) meal 5: steak and broccoli meal 6: 95g tin of tuna ive been snacking on cashews if i get hungry, and theres always a protein shake thrown in at some point during the day.. so far ive noticed that im starting to get hungry more often which i find is a good thing, ive gone from having 2-3 meals a day to 6 smaller ones, the first few days i wasnt hungry every few hours but now ive noticed that im starting to get hungry every few hours. i'm also doing a bit of HIIT on monday wednesday and friday, just some pretty basic stuff: sprint 10 seconds jog 50 seconds, 10 times.. if theres any other hiit excercise that i can be doing that will be more beneficial than this itd be great to hear, just running is all i can really do at the moment because ive got a cast. if ive got it all completely wrong aswell, please dont hesitate to say! thanks for any feedback guys
  7. ON variety pack

    i'm in adelaide, can't mate.. would there be a problem if i bought it from overseas? like from the US? any problems getting ON through customs?
  8. ON variety pack

    just wondering if theres any places in australia that sell the optimum nutrition gold standard variety pack thathas the single serve of 16 different flavours in it? lookin to see what they all taste like before i buy a huge bag. cheers!
  9. Steve Play-Spank Vol 5

    does anyone have the links for volumes 1 2 or 3? ive found volume 4 but cant find the rest of them.. cheers
  10. what rims are these! sexy as fuuuuck

    ..this is the result of people who have no life ahaha i was actually thinking of that before, no joke. someone better know the answer

    omg hes so cute! ;D
  13. benassi!

    just got this album, its epic. who are some other artists that have the same kinda sound as him? cheers
  14. 1990_s13's training log

    Couldnt make the session on tuesday due to work, and couldnt train friday arvo/night because i was at a gig. Not training today because i still feel liek shit and have no energy beacuse of last night ahaha. some good news though i believe my pec/shoulder is healed up.. Possibly thinking it was a rotator cuff injury? read into it a bit and it seems to be in the same area. i had problems lifting my arm up over my head and out to the side. did a bit of benching today just to make sure it was alright, not even worth posting what i did because it was shit all. I'll train tomorow and i'll post up how it goes.
  15. 1990_s13's training log

    had an easyish session tonight.. legs were shaking at the end of my DL's i could barely stand up lol. my MP is improving a bit, im glad because im looking to finally press more than 30kg overhead. SQ:5x60, 3x65, 2x70, 3x65(trying to work up abit more.. going to run out of weights for squat soon) MP:8x30, 2x30, 14x20(was a bit too light), 7x25 DL: 9x60, 5x60(these absolutely rip the skin up on my hands, the inside of my knuckles mainly:|) only did a few reps of 20kg bench, still waiting for my pec to heal up. its going good because ive been easing off it so im hoping by next week ill be able to bench properly again. Other training session(usually friday) moved to tomorrow, so ill post up what happens with that.