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  1. Reputation points?

    Bahaha cheers for the funny replies
  2. Reputation points?

    Hello ladies/gents, What's the go with 'reputation points'? I've got -89
  3. Written off status question?

    Did it ever get fixed though? It 'driving straight' isn't really a good indicator of a bent chassis, just of good wheel alignment. It also could have been crashed a second time. One would assume it got fix cause it was registered (from the sounds of it, the last owner and new owners of it seem to know someone in NSW that just passes it for some extra cash) Personally if it'd be me looking at buying a car and it came up as repairable write off, I'd steer clear.
  4. Local PARTS for sale

    Hi all, Trying to get rid of parts. I've got a s15 climate control Contact: 0401 474 668 Price: $80
  5. Written off status question?

    Only Dickson can tell you whether it can be re-registered. Friend of mine bought a Skyline and it came up as a repairable write-off economical in 2004, took it to pits and they failed him and said his chassis was bent, even tho it drove straight, was registered (NSW) For your sake I hope it's 100% straight cause Dickson can be mean and picky with things.
  6. Local PARTS for sale

    Stockies sold pending payment to Stinkypoo.
  7. Local PARTS for sale

    Hi all, I have a set of s14 stockies for sale. They come with rubber but no tread. They also have over spray. Price: $50 I can be contacted via mobile, 0401 474 668 Cheers, Duy
  8. Local PARTS for sale

    Item: Response 4 channel amp Item Condition: New, never used Location: ACT Price and sale terms: 100 Other Info: New, never used. Was planning to put it in the 200, but I've sold it. Contact Details: 0401 474 668 Pictures:
  9. List the cars you have owned

    '87 SV21 Camry '94 s14 MY04 Liberty GT 2000 s14a 2011 Corolla lol
  10. Local PARTS for sale

    Got a set of s14 stockies, has over spray, has rubber on them but no tread Asking 100 pick up only.
  11. You know it was worth the 210 lol.... Was anyone out there earlier I was surprised
  12. I might drop in, dunno if I'll bring the 200 out tho.
  13. Ex LO-200

    My friend owned it for 5 or so years and only just sold it this year and his name isn't Steve.
  14. Ex LO-200

    LOL even tho it's sex spec, it was owned by a good friend of mine. He put a lot time, effort, and money into and was sold to a young dude and we've been told it's smashed so we wanted to know what happened or if anyone took pics of it as it was on the side of the road near Exhibition Park
  15. Ex LO-200

    Hey guys, Anyone know what happened to this... I heard it's smashed?