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  1. Take the bus for six months, make sure to start up your car every few days and keep the dust off. /end of thread.
  2. whats wrong with s15 manual?
  3. Auto s15

    For those who were new to manual trannys, how long did it take for u to get good at it?
  4. Auto s15

    I dont want an aging import, I really want an ADM car and s15 seems to fit the bill.
  5. Hi all, Im planning to buy an ADM s15 soon, I used to have an auto R33 GTST and it was fun to drive, plenty of power and easy in peak hour traffic. Any guys have turbo s15s with auto and what are your thoughts on it? The main reason I want an auto is because I am lazy, I want a cruiser, auto cars tend to be looked after better and not thrashed. I dont want to drift or track the car, just have it as a weekend warrior and wanting to keep it stock. Any opinions would be great.

    Change your attitude, at the moment you sound like a whinger. Seek.com is where I found my cosy job. So dont be quick to shit on stuff you dont know much about. If you want to get a better job, be prepared to do more courses or study (be it theory or practical) Make the money work for you, dont chase it.
  7. Dog Attacks Shark (Vid)

    The dog picked the shark up after it was baited on the hook (probably struggled for 10 minutes prior seeing the dog). Not to mention that the shark is around 1 meter long = baby.
  8. So how many times have you jerked off to the pictures of the girls in the article..?? Why? Does the idea of a guy masterbating turns you on?
  9. Attract women site has a sale for two ebooks for 29 bucks... i think double your dating ebook is like nearly 100 bucks. Plus ive never heard of dengelo. alex nova is local aussie isnt he?
  10. Hey guys I saw Zoo Weekly mag last week (for those who dont know what it is it is an Australian men's magazine that comes out weekly) with a dating coach. The coach they had was Alex Nova. He gives some tips on how to pick up women. Heres a direct link: http://www.attractwomen.com.au/files/zoo_weekly_pg1.pdf http://www.attractwomen.com.au/files/zoo_weekly_pg2.pdf http://www.attractwomen.com.au/files/zoo_weekly_pg3.pdf http://www.attractwomen.com.au/files/zoo_weekly_pg4.pdf What you all think?
  11. I am ?? You fail to realise that women have also become detached from having long term relationships, many just want a casual "friend with benefits." The article teaches guys how to innitially start a convo with women and not to be afraid of doing it. My friend did a course with Attract Women and he actually sees a couple pf girls on the side and they know about each other so he is not even cheating... this is the difference they got to offer. PS i like some of your tips too, like the alcohol one.
  12. Lil miss s13 is confused how old she/he is...
  13. Argh you guys ruined a perfectly good thread!!
  14. haha you really that shallow to believe people can tell a girl by her drink? thats just for humour... the rest of the article is fair deal. is it school holidays again? dude shes like 30 or somthing ... so little miss s13... what are the steps a guy has to take in order to have your panties lieing on the floor besides his bed? and post a pic so we can tell if its bs or nott Shes 30? What an insult...