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  1. Mundine's fight

    Hey lads, I want to see Mundine get his ass kicked again, is there anywhere online that i can watch this fight for free? Cheers!
  2. Battlefield 3

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsHIHxYXeLs My godddd
  3. Crysis 2

    Dx11 patch should be out soon though, then you'll see what cryengine 3 can REALLY do..sucks..my 570's in SLI cant do shit till Dx11 hahah
  4. Spring rates

    Lads, You guys wouldn't happen to know some good spring rates (KG) for a drift S13? buying coilys soon and have no idea how solid they should be? Running an rb25det with 25 gearbox.. Let me know! Cheers,
  5. S15 Dash into an S13?

    Also, you guys wouldn't happen to know some good spring rates (KG) for a drift S13? buying coilys soon and have no idea how solid they should be?
  6. Hey guys, I remember reading/hearing a while back that an S15 dash would fit into an S13? Can anyone confirm this? Does anything need to be modified on the dash itself? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    Nah you really need to get on now, too much has changed already, and if you let it go till expansion you wont know wtf is going on.. Reforging is where you can minus stats and gain stats on a piece of armor. Eg Robe of the Waking Nightmare Heroic Binds when picked up Chest Cloth 1198 Armor +261 Stamina +159 Intellect Red Socket Blue Socket Yellow Socket Socket Bonus: +9 Spell Power Durability 165 / 165 Requires Level 80 Item Level 277 Equip: Improves hit rating by 98 (2.99% @ L80). Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 122 (2.66% @ L80). The bold sections you can change for other stats eg, Get rid of say 36 hit rating for either haste or crit..Spirit you can get rid of for haste etc etc.. Also theres no more spellpower, its now intellect
  8. Any S13's running tilton pedals?

    Ideal M/C bore size is relevant to your pedal ratio and caliper piston surface working area. The larger the bore, the more volume you'll have for the calipers but you must offset with more leg effort to get line pressure. The smaller the bore, the higher line pressures you'll have with less leg effort, but if you have large single pistons (+2.9" bore) or many medium sized (2") pistons you will run out of pedal travel due to a lack of volume to fill and push all of the pistons. Read through this, you'll have a better understanding. http://www.stoptech.com/tech_info/PedalSetup-DualMaster-Guide.pdf
  9. Hey guys, Someone told me that R33 ECU's Series 1/2 can't be remapped etc, either by Dr drift or Nistune. Whats the go with this?
  10. R33 diff into a S13?

    I recently just did this swap, same with front R33 brakes+calipers (you need s14 hubs as the R33 hubs don't bolt straight up. Basically, the whole rear sub-frame will bolt up, there's L shaped brackets that bolt onto the front sub-frame(2 big bolts closest to engine bay) then to the body. You will need to modify these to fit into the holes on the s13 as they dont seem to quite fit. You need the rings (camber arms i think they are lol, your suspension goes through the middle of them) You need to use the ones off your s13, as the skyline ones are only semi circles and coil-overs seem to hit the r33 ones. Other than that its a straight swap over mate, also note that the handbrake setup on r33's is very different so you'll have to replace/fiddle with that also. Any questions shoot me a pm
  11. 2 win 7 Pc's unable to connect to the internet any more

    As old mate said above, use your PC that's working to download latest drivers, both LAN and USB drivers, put on a flash drive/burn it onto CD and install them on the laptop. For you to plug in the LAN cable into the NIC and NOT get anything, its usually a good chance that it's the drivers. If that fails, update virus definitions for spybot and transfer them to usb, update spybot that way, then do a full scan to see if its a malicious program/virus etc. Let me know how you go!
  12. Minecraft

    Also, http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=b6c23d6f03eb0ec4276b04818977911f Thats the link to the server.
  13. Minecraft

    that's pretty sweet! got a vid? the incredible amount of griefers on public servers are starting to kill minecraft for me... anyone know of some decent noob friendly servers? The server i play on is Team9000, its great. We are fairly ontop of griefers, so none really last more than 3 seconds. Here's a few sprites i've done. The last one is M.Bison from Streetfighter, he took about 4 hours lol
  14. Minecraft

    It was done in Minecraft, we are doing the USS Enterprise at the moment on a server! Taking a while but finally getting there
  15. Minecraft

    I've been cranking the free version with my speed and fly hacks, its pretty fun..Griefers ruin it though, might need to pay for the alpha!