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  1. Help - Photo request

    We have a thread at the top of the page for just this sort of request.....

    we need one of these threads.. blue e46 coupe with 17 M rims with E46F sticker on passenger rear window spotted pulling out of spot on Kings Way opposite CocoLounge in GLEN WAVERLEY. WHO ARE YOU? as if not wave to fellow fanatics at MochaJos
  3. documentary junkie?

    I know some people working in that area right now. The documentary only shows half of the real deal. Thankfully they have no lost anyone or been seriously injured out of that area yet.
  4. some honda pics

    a dealer website, some ski pics, any info on the Honda Turbo...PR...

    Wasnt to bad of a day at lakeside, my little boy had a blast.
  6. WTB: Z33 350Z Smashed Gearbox

    HI guys does any one know if a td42 engine and gearbox can be removed as 1 unit out of a gq using a telehandler not engine crane ?
  7. Max's Muscle Up Challenge

    king of pullups lol Pushups body weight 71 in one shot. Dips with 40lbs 20, never tried max dips body weight.
  8. Cops in the national park

    Whats with all the K-9 units lately? Sure I like seeing cops around in the subway, but all the dogs seem to be a new thing. Are they drug sniffers or something?
  9. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Bird Spotted has now been turned into a Forum of its own, right under "On the Road Again" and all posts to that subject have been moved to that forum.
  10. Amazing pictures Love the wheels too What tails are those?
  11. re-building rx7

    I have always loved the Beal and Lowell style lobster boats. I am thinking about ordering some plans and building this style boat. Just wondering if anyone has ever built their own boat? Where did you get the plans? How long did it take? Thanks