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  1. Local CARS for sale

    Car: Nissan Silvia Year: 1989 Trans: Manual Motor: CA18DET Km's: 190xxx Asking Price: $7500 Rego: ACT untill Jan/2015 Background/Reason for selling I bought the car stock in 2004, at the time it was a CA18DE. In 2007 instead of buying a Liberty 3.0r Spec B I pushed that money into doing some serious work to the car, not the best idea financially but I was young and had a bit of money lying about. The foundation was a second hand CA18DET motor and gearbox to which I added all the expected trimmings making for roughly 190-200rwkw. After a month of fun the headgasket gave way and the motor was sent to QLD for a full rebuild. After a painfully long breakin period for the motor (5000km with no boost) the pressure was increased for 228rwkw (2008). At this point it's appeal as a daily diminished, whether that was because of the harshness of the ride, it's ability to consume only 98RON fuel or my laziness I'll never truly know. In any case I bought an Aussie boat, auto, Climate/Cruise Control and the ability to feed it whatever was at the bowser regardless of octane. I kept the car on as a weekend warrior but in 2011 I left the country to study for a year overseas, putting the car into storage. In 2012 I returned home and prepped the car for weekend fun again as well as tidied up some of the more noticeable modifications. This work included the following: - New FPR/Injectors and tune (236rwkw); - Replaced Rear main seal and clutch; - Replaced Atom BOV with Plumbed back one; - Modified intake to receive hoses from BOV & catch can; and - Relocated battery to boot, installed isolation switch in cabin. As I had established some serious ties during my time in Canada I decided to complete my studies overseas and once again the car was placed in storage. My original intention was to return to Australia once I had completed my degree therefore I continued to pay rego/insurance and get my family to drive the car for servicing (Water pump was replaced last year, no need for timing belt to be replaced as motor was only 15xxx old). Now I've decided to make a home in North America therefore I'm selling the car. If your interested and want to deal with me (The person who knows the car) you'll have to be available between August 7-21 as this is the time I'll be in Canberra. I don't live in Australia anymore so you'll have to either email me cafc_86@hotmail.com (Make sure subject is Silvia) or PM for more information, I'll provide a mobile number when I arrive in Canberra. I only photo's I have of the car are 2 or more years old and don't reflect it's current appearance therefore I haven't posted any. However if you want them, once again email or PM me. I will upload some once I'm back in town and have cleaned all the dust and spiderwebs off it. For those of you who know the car the number plate with not come with it. It was a gift and it therefore wouldn't be ethically right to sell it. I will replace it with standard ACT plates. List of Modifications: - Xspurt 725 injectors. - CA18DE cams. - Forged internals. - Modified head with oversized valves. - Garret GT2871r. - FMIC. - Larger radiator & oil cooler/oil filter replacement kit. - Bosch BOV. - Walbro fuel pump. - Turbosmart FPR. - Apexi AVCR. - Microtech LT10 with Dash display. - Battery relocated to boot with isolation switch in cabin. - Bride Brix seats driver & Passenger with superlow Bride rails. - R33 front rotors/calipers. - Z31 BMC, braided brake lines. - 18" SSR SP1 wheels. - Cusco 2 way diff. - Tein/Fulcrum Superstreet coils, rear control arms. - Strut braces front and rear. - Whiteline swaybars front & rear. - Full Vertex rip off fibreglass bodykit. - 3" turboback exhaust, X-force high flow cat and muffler.
  2. The next skidpan day

    Should see if we can get a massive hardtuned banner and take a photo around lunchtime with all the people and cars.
  3. The next skidpan day

    7/10 It'll be nice to skid on my birthday
  4. HT.net motorkhana

    If we could get 15 along to a BBQ maybe we could run a private track day at MDTC. I know not everyone is into circuit work but I'm sure we could get all you drifters into time attack mode with a couple of prizes on the line. Though experience tells me that you'll get a lot of interest then no one would turn up quoting car troubles or financial problems. So if we go down this line I would get everyone to pay up first before booking with Marulan.
  5. NSW Cop rage

    Remember that in North America it's common for a police officer to approach you with their gun drawed. Given the recent gun problems in NSW it doesn't surprise me that some officers might request you to exit the car before approaching, who knows what you got stashed. In the end you sped and were driving a car already labelled as unroadworthy. Based on your story I don't think he did anything wrong, you clearly had no regards for the law so perhaps treating you roughly might have been an attempt to put you in line. I won't claim I'm clean as my car lacks the necessary engineering certs, however I will say that the only time it gets driven is on the way to the track. What's the point of driving a modified car as a daily? Do you really need the extra attention. I'm surprised this thread got so much anti-cop attention. If you don't break the law then you'll never have to deal with the men in blue, unless of course you need their help.

    I'll let him know and PM you his number seen as you probably want to get on to him about the money for said parts as well Cheers

    Decided to engineer my car & don't want to d!ck around with emissions so I need; 4 R33 GTS-T wheels (Tyres or no tyres) Stock CA18 Turbo (T25 me thinks) CA18DET Inlet Plenium & Fuel rail CA18DET Intake pipe with AFM CA18DET/manual ECU w/wiring loom Would be willing to trade the removed parts so Sard700cc injectors, Garrett GT2871r (.62) 10,000km, Microtech LT10 w/Dashunit 0435 511 274 text is probably best as my phone is off during work hours.
  8. HKS Boost Controller

    I like the AVC-R, spend a couple of days playing with the duty and the turbo can become really responsive. The digital Boost/RPM/Speed and heaps of other gauges is a nice touch too.
  9. Heading up on Thursday for the Speed of the Streets day. Open invite, feel free to come along. Shoot me a message if you would like to meet up prior and drive up as a convoy.
  10. Do they have a practise/amateur class? If yes then I'm definately coming.
  11. Shannons Wheels 2012 - Sunday 25 March 2011

    I suppose I could come down. It'll give me an excuse to wash the car.
  12. IDA D-Day Wakefield Park 9th April 2012

    I have just booked+Payed
  13. IDA D-Day Wakefield Park 9th April 2012

    Noob Class +1 +2
  14. MDTC

    Low to mid 50s. I lose alot of time at the top section as I have no low down torque.
  15. MDTC

    Arrive and drive. I think they refer to it as a "Drive your street car" day. $100 for the day. $30 for a MDTC license (Valid 12 months) if you don't have a competition license. I think a CAMS license waives this fee. www.mdtc.com.au has all the information you need. MDTC is more technically challenging, dips on corner exit, off camber corner make for an overall exciting day. (I've only spun out once)