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  1. Overhead press is bread & butter of shoulder strengening & building, if looking to perform it correctly, learn from an olympic lifter/coach. side note; 1 of my lectures(exercise physiology) at uni knows alot of the coaches that write on t-nation & he agrees with the above.
  2. "Wear a belt" and increase the weakness in your back thats the probable cause for your back pain after squats. You need to get someone whos knows whats what to observe/correct your squat technique & also dont lift too heavy before your body is ready. Ego must be left at the door for this which you've probly all heard before. You need to develop your body as a whole, therefore supplementing your squats with other movements such as deadlift as above, bent rows & standing military press just for a few examples.
  3. tomei poncams

    bahahahahaah ! just drop them in mate, no need to do springs.. theres no risk whatsoever
  4. Identify rims anyone?

    Look like a copy of WORK equip but i doubt it
  5. My clutch just went again!

    hey dude maybe you've got a small oil leak & that is why your going through clutches like underwear.. for example your rear main?
  6. WA North body shops

    hey mate i know a top panes guy that can fit your kit.. good prices, great work pm for details
  7. ^^ Its getting out of hand.. why don't they concentrate on car thieves instead of drivers ffs!
  8. Drift Damage - The official thread

    At the track a couple of weeks ago! Hitting the tyre wall at the track at a drift weekend... $1700 Getting straight back out to redeem yourself... priceless
  9. straight 3" is better than split especially if your going for big power later on