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  1. S13 Rear Cusco Strut brace - used $100 S13 china front strut brace - brand new $20 Stock Sr20DET T25g turbo, did about 120k km - $80 Used Rays lug nuts in the anodised blue colour, full set of 20 with key 1.25 thread pitch - $100 Located: Mascot NSW Contact: Drew 0402266755 Prefer not to ship but will consider
  2. Item: Brand New S13 Carbon doors Description: They are brand new and from Just Jap. They retail for $1300. Price: $500 Location: Mascot, NSW Willing to post?: Yes (but it's probably expensive) Contact: 0402266755 No messing about, just grab them, they are a bargain.
  3. Price : $500 Condition : New Selling my S13 carbon doors I got from Just Jap. Have no need for them as I no longer have an S13. Taking a massive hit on these, they are $1499 from Just Jap. They are still in the wrapping. $500
  4. Price : $3,200 Condition : New Selling a set of brand new SSR MS1 in Grey Silver. They are still in the box. Bought them 12 months ago for my IS350 but never fitted them. Specs: 5x114.3 PCD 19x9 +31 HP (46mm stepped dish) 19x10 +10 +24 SL (97mm stepped dish) These wheels look amazing. Really regret never fitting them, but i'm not keeping the Lexus so i'd rather pass them on brand new than used. Offset is perfect tough fitment on an IS. Requires guards to be rolled. Flush as. Price: $3200 Wish there were a set for this price when i was looking. Also have a set of black WORK nuts for them. Can package together. Location Sydney. Prefer not to ship but can at buyers expense. Contact me on 0402266755. If you want to see fitment on a 2IS take a look at the first car on this link
  5. 2x 225/35R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $188.00 2x 245/35R19 ACHILLES ATR SPORT $147.00 Price posted to 2763 please.
  6. Coolant pushing into overflow

    I have a very similar problem right now. Car overheated pretty badly on the track (was stupid and didn't do a proper cool down lap on a 40deg day). Since then have had lots of problems with the cooling system. Replaced thermostat and rad cap plus all the coolant lines under the manifold as few had split. Car already has a new water pump and under drive pulley. Radiator is standard. Driving around normally the car is fine, but if i give it a decent hit the overflow bottle fills up and boils. Oil is not milky but has a little condensation under the cap. One thing the mech mentioned was that the coolant system does not loose pressure over night (i have no idea what this means but he thought that it should). Has suggested I try another rad cap. Need to confirm that he bled the system properly. Also need to ask if he did a TK test to check for exhaust gas in the coolant. Due to the fact the motor cooked pretty bad i'm leaning towards head-gasket.
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    That's probably me Live in Wollstonecraft. White Type X with white TE's, DK1222
  8. crashracer - Where do i find the coolant temp sensor? It has been replaced but the fault code keeps coming up, even after i clear it. Where can i get some noid lights? Will somewhere like Repco have them? Have a consult cable now so i'm able to read the values from the ecu. When the car wont start the battery is only reading 10V when i crank it. If i unplug an injector the car will then start. Sounds low? I think its that or a problem with the coolant temp sensor.
  9. Car is starting to shit me. Been at the mechanics for two weeks and they can't find out whats wrong with it. They don't really specialise in S series so not really hating on them. Anyway, problem: When engine is cold, car starts every time. But if you go for a drive and then shut her off. Won't start. Cranks, but won't turn over. Will start if i get a push and clutch start it. Replaced coil packs and spark plugs Replaced Battery Replaced Cam Angle Sensor (2nd hand unit) Replaced coolant temp sensor Fuel pressure is 330kpa Compression 100-110 at all 4 When it doesn't start. IE cranks but doesn't turn over. NO INJECTOR PULSE OR COIL PULSE Could 2nd hand CAS be dodgy? ECU is still throwing error code for coolant temp sensor even with a brand new one in. After its cleared it comes back. Also throwing Knock Sensor code. Going to bypass that with resister tomorrow. Anyone had a similar problem?
  10. Federal SS-595 Tyres

    After a pair of 235/45/17 asap. How much shipped to 2763?
  11. Are the catch cans the same as these on the website? Do they have a third hole on the top provisioned for a breather?
  12. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    Sale still running? In interested in a pair of 225/45x17 595-EVO shipped to Sydney 2763
  13. I'm after SR injectors 555s.
  14. OK problem solved. Turned out to be the exhaust temp sensor. Yes i shit you not. Bypassed it and problem gone. It was sending the car into limp mode.