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  1. Rare Nismo LMGT3 rims with the following specs (no centre caps) 5x114.3 17x7 +30 17x8 +38 Tyres are Toyo Proxies R888 at 215x45 on the 7" rims and 235x40 on the 8" rim with usable rubber. Also comes with 3 spare rays valve stems and 4 silver rays valve stem caps. Great sizes for R32 GTST, S15 etc.... My car is now sold so its time to clean out the parts. Pickup Mount Warren Park, QLD. Willing to ship with buy paying packaging costs and transport cost.
  2. Late R35 Concept

    To be honest I look at that and think Evo not GTR. I think it's the headlights.
  3. hows this for

    if she reversed into you her reverse lights where on making her at fault. Even if you were moving forward and she had reverse lights on it is classed as her being at fault. Brother in law had a similar problem a couple of years back.
  4. ps3 controllers

    www.play-asia.com is all you need to know.
  5. on the net... VIA PS3

    If you wanna share videos, music, and photos onto your PS3 from the PC use a program called Tversity. If you have any trouble let me know.
  6. Anime's

    hahaha chobits..... So where is the "On" button again Anime I have some I havent watched. Black Cat, Blood+ (Great Series I also recommand the movie), Full Metal Alchemist, Kenshin, Last Exile, Guyver (Havent Watched), Devil May Cry, Peace Maker Kurogane, Please Teacher (havent watched), Shin Angyou Onshi (havent watched), Tsubasa Chronicle, Wangan Midnight and Witchblade.
  7. SCAM or LEGIT

    ok i know people have said it was stolen and I do remember seeing something over at SAU about a guys car being stolen. Running the numbers through fast does confirm the paint code (KH2 Gunmetal Grey) and also confirms it is a GTR. So at least you know the numbers match the car.
  8. R32 owners

    Yes I agree with everyone else (just purchased a r32). The other red light is a warning light to let you know the handbrake is on.
  9. Yes you need it mod plated as others have said. From my memory you do not need to weld up the holes where the seatbelts and seats attach but just need to fill them with something like a rubber gromit or something.
  10. 360 whinge Pt II. WTF IS GOING ON?!

    Ok the BC issue with ps2 games is now they are using an emulator to deal with it. If I remember correctly they are leaving in the processor (ps1 and ps2 use the same one) and taking out the emotion chip (ps2 only) which is where the problem falls, the emulator is meant to emulate the emotion chip. Also in regards to only 1 good PS3 launch title?? Hmm Well there is RFOM if you are into FPS, if you are into car games you have F1 Championship Edition, Motorstorm (looks amazing) and you can download the demo for GTHD. I will be honest I played the first xbox and really didn't like it, The controller is a bad dreamcast rip off (the DC pulled it off alright) and there was very little GREAT games on it. Haven't had a chance to deal with the 360 yet (as I wouldn't spend my money on it) so I can fairly judge on it. My PS3 pre-order consists of this and I look forward to playing everyone of the games. PS3 60 gig model (only one we get here for awhile) Motorstorm F1 Championship Edition RFOM Tony Hawk Project 8 (Haven't play a tony hawk games for years) Ridge Racer 7 (Everybody needs a drift game) Sony haven't really let me down in their consoles over the years (never had 1 brake) so thats why I stick with them.

    Don't count out the G series engine, Have a talk to Darren from GemRacing. If you are looking to go fast with a G Series engine then I would say he is your man. He does a few different G series builds and if your looking at spending around 5k you can get some really good build from him (Turbo or N/A). You provide the engine and he will build it for you. Check out his engine packages at http://www.freewebs.com/gemracing/engines.htm
  12. top gear... gtr edition

    You sure its before Hamster?? The fat dude was mainly the Top Gear Car Sales Guide Guy. He would tell you the best deals happening with car sales and such. All my episodes of top gear from 2002 has hamster, But James May came in later. I cant find any top gear episodes from 2001 on my PC (I have late 80's early 90's and 2002 onwards). James May came onto top gear in 2003 and Hamster was there in 2002 with the Fat Guy and Clarkson.
  13. Do You Own A Nismo Key?

    I have a nismo key for a S13,R32 etc that is uncut. I don't know if that is the rare one you are talking about or if you are refering to the S15, R34 etc key which is even harder to get. I got mine for I think around the $80 mark from Aston (Sponser on here trading for Jshop).
  14. Bathurst 1991 vid

    any idea if the 91 file is working again yet. I still cant download it Downloading 92 now.

    http://www.digimods.co.uk/tutorials/tutorials.htm Photoshop bible