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  1. VIC - 2010 Nissan Skyline 370GT - $25000 Hi All, Time to sell the awesome Skyline 370GT V36 Sedan because of my overseas work relocation. Car has done 69000kms and selling it for $25000 Interior and paintworks are in excellent condition almost like new, regularly wash and wax and the engine itself are in top condition. All original paperworks and service history are available from new till latest date. Have to admit that coming from JDM turbo cars from the previous 4 cars that this one has shown me that you don't always need a turbo to be a fast car. This 370GT has a better acceleration reaction and top end compared to my previous standard S15, Evo7 or the twin turbo VR4, yet the fuel economy and passenger comfort and others car features is way better with the factory build-in technology in the car itself. 6 Airbags, HID Adaptive Lights, Factory Enkei 18" Wheels, Snow mode, Music Hard Drive, Front and Rear cameras, etc..... If you look for a performance car that can carry your family, sleek looking and showered with latest technology this is one of it. Plenty of information and discussion on this forum if you need more info on this awesome machine. Contact: Andre 0421037770
  2. any original ns.coms still here?

    still here, doesnt drive S15 anymore tho rolling with VR4 twin turbo now
  3. OH yeah... my mrs just told me got a hoodie in a package, just delivered, cant wait to wear it tonight..haha.. thanks loz
  4. Hi guys, Need your help, what is the hose size that comes out our stock bov. (top and circ hose) I no longer have my s15, therefore couldnt measure it, but im going to put standard s15 bov into my new VR-4 since these car comes with plastic housing bov, which may leak under high boost. cheers
  5. haha...my first post in this forum after more than a year sold my S15 last year and got myself a 2000 VR4, good value, lots of power, very comfy all under 15K, u might want to consider it I know im in the wrong forum to promote the VR4
  6. thx mouse So it sitting underneath the engine, rather than the top of engine bay. Near the waterpump Is that mean you have to work from the bottom of your car?
  7. Hi All, Can anyone point out to me where is exactly the location of thermostat on S15?? I had a look at it on service manual, doesnt clearly shows where it is. Is it somewhere near the oil filter? or is it underneath the intake manifold? thanks heaps all
  8. My 2 cents for what you are intending to do, is to not use the factory pre amp. Coz the sound quality would not be as good as you just runs it straight to your speaker from your headunit. The old BMW E30 has the same setup, which use factory amps, but after comparison the sound quality is much better without the factory amps. This is because the aftermarket headunit nowdays has got better built-in amps inside it. While you factory headunit hasn't got good amp, therefore the built separate amps for it. yes the pic.2 can be use, but again that is really depending on what is the Input on your factory amp is that RCA or regular speaker wire?
  9. considering Greddy PE2 they pretty quite and good quality exhaust too price wise might be cheaper as wel
  10. very rarely it can be low oil problem too which make the cooling water evaporate because substituting the oil function. You can tell by the coolant water level that keep going low, beacause it evaporate then leaks under your car. other than that: Thermostat, Fan setup, or smalest chance is radiator cap
  11. i work as an engineer and i dealt with other bearings company as well. i need to find out the CBC bearing part number then I can get it from other bearing supplier with 25% discount I might give CBC a call then
  12. hey all, Anyone can help me with CBC bearing parts number for rear wheel bearing for S15 Been searching the forum can find anything thanks heaps
  13. still no luck, i opened the gear knob panel cant find anything there that caused the buzzing/vibrates noise at 4000rpm anyone has idea? hopefulyl it doesnt come from inside of my gearbox
  14. sometimes it can be somthing on the tyre too, something stuck on the tyre's thread. Sounds stupid but that happenned to many cars. Like someone said jack the car up, try spin the wheel see if the noise is still there. that helps to identify where the problem come from
  15. hmm...i havent open that part yet good idea, i'll try that tonite