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  1. C35 Laurel - $10,000

    Make : NISSAN LAUREL Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used Nissan C35 Laurel. Track only, CAN NOT be registered. $10,000 FIRM. Or swaps for S14 or similar... Body: Paint is Pearl White, body has a few marks and small dents Wonder Kit Falcon alloys haha FRP bonnet, could probably do with repainting Black tint all round Interior: stripped and half the sound deadening Hydro handbrake (not fitted) nismo knob momo wheel Apexi PFC Engine: RB25DET (series 2 motor) Running on S1 loom as thats what was in the car, swapped sensors etc Splitfire Coilpacks Z32 AFM Apexi RX6 turbo Apexi Exhaust manifold Apexi External Wastegate Apexi Front pipe 3 inch exhaust Frontwards facing plenum 80mm Throttlebody 550cc injectors GTR cooler Tomei cams metal headgaskit Koyo Radiator N1 waterpump Custom oil cooler setup Driveline: ORC twin plate clutch RB25 gearbox Tein Coilovers Ikea Formula caster rods 2-way diff Proper ABS removal (Non ABS reservoir fitted from R33, as well as brake lines from an R33) R33 Front calipers Contact Phil on 0447 009 897 or email phildrift@gmail.com
  2. sweet photo on the show and shine poster! haha =D I'll probably still be helping at the track so can't wait to see the turnout!
  3. best DSLR lense for drifting?

    haha, don't know why I was saying tamron! yes i meant sigma 50mm 1.4. shoosh kory haha
  4. Car mounts

    yeah would be ok with the suction cup mounts. but only ones i've found are the fat gecko, which isnt heavy duty enough to take my camera. looking to take it to the track... so fair speeds...
  5. Car mounts

    Hey guys, looking at getting a mount to take photos from a chase car. My camera is quite heavy so need something quite strong. Im happy to use a remote shutter to click. Any help would be very much appreciated, what are my options? Thanks heaps guys! ps. any photos of it being used would be cool too
  6. best DSLR lense for drifting?

    quick edit. And if you're interested, I only own prime lenses, using a full frame body (5D MKii. Canon 300mm f4L for anything far away, canon 100mm 2.8 macro for most shots (awesome optics) and the sigma 50mm f1.4 for anything close (kills the canon version) Yes, it can get annoying not being able to zoom some times, but i think (just my opinion!) that the prime lenses have such better optics... so let me live in my fantasy world! lol Here are 3 pics using the different lenses Canon 100mm F2.8 macro Canon 300mm F4L Sigma 50mm F1.4 All i need now is the canon 200mm F2.0L... seriously would kill for that lens... time to save some pennies!
  7. Random Picture Thread

    nathan... thats so effing clean. great shot! ps. with your macro shots, can you chuck up what they are as well? lol
  8. Australian Drifting GP Round 2

    Can't wait! Does anyone know if this track has media bunkers at all?
  9. Random Picture Thread

    +1 on show me your rig! Add another to the randomness. Show was in town last night...
  10. ADGP Round 1 review

    Sorry if this wrecks anyones screen! But here's a panorama (hand held lol) of the amount of people from the sunday event. gives people a bit of an idea at least
  11. ADGP Round 1 review

    Photos of the weekend up here.
  12. ADGP Round 1 review

    Stupid guy who crashed into a truck while trying to drift drunk... best photo i could get from where i was!
  13. ADGP Round 1 review

    Very interesting comment there simon... wish i could be bothered to go find the quote from the Tectaloy drift comp thread... think it went along the lines of "ive beat him once ill beat him again"? Nothing wrong with that... He didn't beat him in the end and wasn't angry about it, called him a great driver...
  14. ADGP Round 1 review

    Not trying to sound cocky, I'm by no means a cocky person at all. What I was referring to as 'wannabes' is the guys who get a media pass to get front row access for free. That's the part that frustrates me. The guys who go out and buy camera gear and are legitimately trying to learn and get into photography, I am all for and will even try help wherever i can. And thanks for the compliment lol
  15. ADGP Round 1 review

    Thanks man, that's only a preview, I have over 8,000 photos to go through, few sweet looking tandems. keep an eye out