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  1. HKS EVC 5 electronic boost controller

    why buy a fake passport when u can buy this EBC
  2. HKS EVC 5 electronic boost controller

    price drop $200 firm and will post all over Australia
  3. HKS EVC 5 electronic boost controller Excellent condition Ready to install
  4. S15 Suspension/allignment

    Had the same problem with my S14, one wheel sticks out about 8mm more than other (cant remember which now) Took it to G-mac in Perth and they did a chassis diagnosis and said everything is straight to within 2mm and not to worry about it After searching the net for "one wheel sticks out more than other S14" i find it is a fairly common thing with S series cars I would leave it you can only look at one side at once, definately dont change alignment for looks, someone suggested a spacer on one side but i wouldnt do that either
  5. Upon more research i discover there are 3 vacuum/boost lines coming off manifold One goes to the BOV, one to the FPR and the other to the charcoal canister Im going to have the Power FC map sensor share with the FPR and the defi boost gauge & EBC control unit share with the charcoal canister Heres a diagram
  6. Hi Have just installed a defi racer gauge T'd the defi sensor off the FPR like it says, but then i realized it already has the Power FC dejetro map sensor t'd off it and also another t going into the cabin for the boost controller I see other nipples coming from the throttle body but i believe some of these are boost only not vacuum I have heard don't t from the blow off valve line Also i see the standard boost sensor (it wiring leads to the fuse box) is still connected, seeing i have a Power FC dejetro do i need this connected my questions are: 1. Is 4 devices to much to t off the FPR vacuum line 2. Which other nipple can i use to get vacuum 3. Can i disconnected the standard boost sensor and use its line (if it is vacuum/boost not just boost) Thanks
  7. I asked this question of my local forum, but ddin't get much info http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65065&hl=traction+length I then found these bumpsteer graphs for an S14 which was simular to mine in ride height, and set them to 1/4" (6.35mm) longer http://www.nissanroadracing.com/showthread.php?t=1652
  8. Federal FZ-201 Semi-Slick

    Hi 2x 235/45/17 posted to Perth 6155 thanks
  9. Hi Email sent about the RX-7 series 4 Auto complete car that you have Serious email Mike
  10. what car? R33 Skyline if there 3" pipes ill take a kit
  11. Hi mate is the piping 3" all the way Ta