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  1. Federal Tyres Drift Attack 2011

    yes where are they???
  2. Australian Drifting Grand Prix

    in for sure.....
  3. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

    pretty sure it is a precision 5557s yep it is precision 5557s, and it has 330kws,
  4. Powder Coating Rims

    PASS do all the powder coating for myself and the rest of the blaze unit boys as well as project d drift school.. Ray is a awesome bloke and rims always come out top noch..
  5. Australian Drifting Grand Prix

    pumped as.. awesome to see something new boo ya..hope it takes off like a mo fo.... 100% my friend
  6. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

  7. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

    Do u have to pre enter for extreme entry and team drift?
  8. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

    Entered bitches....
  9. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

    Boo ya. Pumped for this. Going to be hek
  10. 2011 VicDrift Events Calendar

    Drift Attack FTW.....
  11. raleigh raceway round 3 5/9/10

    All the Blaze Unit boyz will be there. Boo ya.
  12. raleigh round 2

    yea dude we saw ur car heading the other way.. round 2 was awesome. Was def a fun day, good ppl, big crowd, def worth the trip. the project D boyz will be back for round 3 for sure.
  13. Awesome pics dude... top quality....
  14. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    u were driving hek and def deserved to be up there.. ur car was gettin the power down awesome, and looked schmick.. was some awesome battles to watch and be in.. had a ball.. cant wait for the next event and the re match.. hahahaha, and of course the afterparty...
  15. Pretty much one word can sum it all up EPIC... Props to Vic drift for org a hek event. Def be back next yr had a ball. Winton is a sick track there was awesome driving n battles going on all day, prety happy with the result and taking out extreme entry. Yea boi. Congrats to 3rdz, nig, and Josh for the podium After party like usual was loose as. Ha ha. just canning on with awesome bunch of ppl. Love it.