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  1. list of panel beaters?

    +1 for Trans Pacific. I'm a parts interpreter at @ Tynan motors, I deal with them a lot. Theyre top guys. I recently got my bootlid shaved and they matched the pearl white on my s15 very well. 80 Oak Rd, Kirrawee Ph: 95212977 Ask for Shalin
  2. NSW Spotted Thread

    ohh yeah. gangsta shit right there spotted you guys at AMF in stratty...lol.. i wasnt in my car. but i went bowling that day...lol
  3. Hi guys, I've recently lost my licence for about a month now, so the cars been sitting in the back for a while, and about a week since I've turned it on. I've turned it on today and the idle is a lot lumpy. i can see it shake throughout the whole car. even when its warmed up it was still the same. opened up the bonnet and i can see the engine shake quite a bit, not vigorously but its noticable. exhaust also sounds lumpy. The car has been running fine before today, what can it be? spark plugs, coils, petrol...? Has this ever happened to anyone before when they havent start/driven their car for a while? Cheers
  4. Man Handling

    no racial comments. This is my opinion about the video. 100% its a chase, no doubt about it. When he went for the left turn onto punchbowl rd, he didnt hesitate one bit to turn out. He broke for only a split second, turned dangerously without giving way to the Rav4, but used the left lane to gain speed and then change over to the lane the rav 4 was on. That left lane on of that part on punchbowl rd generally has parked cars on it, no one usaully drives on it. Most drivers, turning out on a street, would slow down/stop, look, give way, then turn out to the right lane when its opened. But yeah, by law people should turn out when there is a 2 lane clearance anyways. I didnt see too many options for him after that, there was a car about 300m ahead of him goin normal speed and there was another car on the other side of the road coming down. He realises that it wasn't worth it continuing (weaving outta lanes etc) so then he decided to stop. Thats what i reckon. Wat the police done to him, to me was unacceptable. He clearly stopped the car, and did not get out to cause trouble or become physical. I believe they should of asked him to come out of the car and then arrest him by telling him to face the car, handcuff him etc. If he then got phyical and abusive, man handle him all they want. Not just open his door and pull him out on the street and drop him to the ground. They seem to be putting harm on themselves and the driver by doing that on a main road. Two wrongs dont make a right. I dont know about the racial comments made by the cop. Could happen/ could not of happened. There was no audio for me to judge. Just punish the both of them for what is visible.
  5. Sydney insurance question

    first of all if you posted in the right section instead of the Events page, there would be more replies... you kinda have a good point though, but i dont think the cops will defect you on ur mods and report it to the insurance company during the time an accident. They usually just take statements, ensure that everyone is safe and ensure the cars involved are off the road and onto a tow truck to keep traffic in control. Its usually the insurance assessors that say yes or no to paying you out or not. If you have listed your mods, and they have APPROVED it, then there shouldn't be any fuss, because they know about it. Having a larger exhaust is a defect to the cops, but its considered a noise pollution and emissions defect. Its not something that tends to cause an accident to happen. As long as your car is road worthy. If you have mods and it wasn't listed, then they can get smart about it, and ask you why you haven't listed it, and therefore not cover you by maybe blaming such and such mods may be accountable for that accident. apart from that, listing your mods means that you are covered for the mods itself and that you will be compensated for it when it is damaged or stolen. It also increases the value of what ur car is insured for, because you obviously spent more money adding things to the car. thats my 2 cents... i could be wrong, i could be right... what do the rest say? PS. what car are you insuring?
  6. Fatal Pewter S15 Smash

    some of the online news said it was the passenger that died, but infact it was the driver. His side got hammered badly when i was at the scene. They later on corrected it. "The initial reports that were given out are a little bit incorrect because the Nissan sports coupe was travelling southbound on King Georges Road and it's the driver who is deceased," Senior Sergeant Peter Jenkins of the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit told Fairfax Radio Network. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/820621...rom-fatal-crash
  7. Just driving home tonight 2nite from the mrs places, spotted red and blue lights(cops) at the intersection at about 1.40am. Saw a smashed Silver Taxi on the mediem strip next to flatten traffic light pole, and a Pewter S15 mangled like crap on the other side of the road. So I did a U'ie and parked a bit down in one of the streets and walked to the scene. A lot of people were hanging around, and one of the guys there goes to me, "see that white cover on the ground next to the s15?...thats the driver." I couldnt believe what i'd seen. too hard to the decribe it, but it should be in the papers or on the news coz i saw a lot of cameras rolling. Everyone assumed that it was the s15's fault when seeing it...sport car, hoons and other stereotypical sht etc... but infact it was the taxi. One of the guys told me the taxi ran the red light and had hit into the driver side door of the s15 and made it spun out, then the people in the taxi (rumor says 4 incl driver) bolted from the scene. I think the driver was later found, but im unsure. NB: This is what I have seen and what I have been told by other people spectating the scene. (it may or maybe not all correct on what happened, we'd just have to wait and see wat the news says) Sorry for the family and RIP for the driver. I didnt see any number plates in the wreck, so I dunno if he's one of the forum members. Anyone happen to be there? or know if hes on here?
  8. Pics of West Meet/cruise #2

    pretty hectic cruise...nice to meet some new ppl on here
  9. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    Forecast are sayin its going to rain on Sunday. Im praying now that it doesnt't. But is everyone still going if it rains? Or are some gonna dog it last minute. Rain, hail or shine...(maybe not hail..lol) Im still gonna go... what does everyone else say?
  10. Royal Purple Max-Gear 75W90 for both
  11. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    orite...ill call you before hand
  12. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    i think i know where that is

    I organised one last week for my 21st at Heart Break Ridge Paintball. Best one I'd say out of all of them. I paid $50 deposit before-hand and $50 on the day for 600 shots..that pack was just one above the base $20 one, whcih was only 400shots. 600 shots went like nothing for me, and i was being conservative, not even spraying crazy.
  14. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    dw adam. ill flip out one of my pockets inside out like Teabag in Prison Break...lol.. you can hold onto that... be my white b!tch for the day