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  1. Local CARS for sale

    [ACT] For Sale: 1992 Nissan Silvia PS13 Club Q’s (Damaged) # SOLD # The car was involved in an accident after hitting an animal last year and has mostly remained since. I have done Rego expired on 2011-08-27. For those that don’t know; the ‘Club’ denotes that this version of the car was fitted with a lot of additional factory optional extras, some such as the heads up display (HUD) unit being expensive at the time and therefore rarer. I’m selling as I don’t have the resources to repair it. Can provide receipts upon sale. More photos can be made available upon request. Prefer a quick sale and sooner rather than later. Inspections welcomed - 2607, PM for details and to arrange. Any questions? - Ask/PM. Open to reasonable offers. The sale will include the following spares: 6” Cannon cat-back exhaust Dual-Cannon cat-back exhaust Full set (4) SR rims & tyres Sunroof/motor components Square headlights [_][_] The good: Manual SR20DE Black S15 seats Power Sunroof, steering, mirrors, windows, etc. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Digital Climate control Digital Dashboard with head up display unit (HUD) Square headlights [_][_] (+ another spare set) Kevlar/titanium 6x9” & 5” speaker system (response precision) 17” K-Speed Steifer rims with good tread King Springs Reconditioned starter motor Straight frame and body is in good condition Has an alarm/immobiliser Tinted windows by SolarTint The bad and the ugly: Damage to the following that will need to be replaced - Windscreen Bonnet Windows wiper arm Dashboard electronics was knocked out in the accident, could be a disconnection somewhere in the wiring connections.. Paintwork has deteriorated due to the accident and weathering since. There is shattered glass in the interior from the smashed windscreen Cheers guys # SOLD #

    Hey dude that was me on our way to see Regurgitator that night.

    Haha cool.. Yeah that would have been me ...I parked it next to a dark 180
  4. Hey all haven't been around for Fk' ages.. Damn wim'inz, relationships and crap... Anyway, hoping old friends and the local community here can assist me with some S13 wiring stuff.. As I'm finally getting around to installing my stereo after 2 & 1/2 years for those who don't know. To start off with can people look at my other thread and see what they know or can work out please? - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=435362 Otherwise I took off the kick panel just then to find this plug isn't plugged!!! WTF does/did it do? - Thanks! ~ Richard
  5. Hey all, I need some assistance with the identification of several wires please... Some arse before me decided to cut the wires on the harness to wire up the stereo! So now I have five cut wires and I don't know which is which and does what exactly.. There is two splits from the main harness... From the first split - From the second split - From what I can find out.. Red / Blue is Illumination (What is this for?) Red / Black is Switched 12V+ (What is this for?) Blue is Antenna Trigger Can anyone clarify please? Also, can anyone tell me what this second cable does that is apart of the antenna wire? Cheers!
  6. S13 Wiring Assistance Please!

    lol Danny.. Oh yeah thanks! I better not forget about that one, now where did I leave that capacitor.. Cheers guys, but I've figured it out - It's the Consult Connector. More information about it here - http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/268436 Although still don't know what the other wire is thats been cut off from the main antenna wire.. To make things even more annoying is that I found another cut wire in behind the kick panel near all the fuses FFS! Also to figure out how I'm going to mount the amplifier in the boot... Hm.
  7. Thank you fellas! Have it worked out - Red / Blue is Illumination - No longer required/used Black / Orange (Red) is Antenna Trigger Red / Black is Constant 12V+ Blue is Switched 12V+ ...But I still don't know what that other wire is that's been cut off with the antenna wire..
  8. Thanks! ...Although I did see that posted on another forum elsewhere too. The problem is that forum is american and is probably referring to their 240SX's. Either way I've seen conflicting information regarding the wiring colours and would like someone with experience and knowledge to confirm and clarify for me with the wires I've specified please. Thank you.
  9. Hey all, As some of you have noticed, I've been out of the scene for the past ~8 months or so chasing after the ladies instead of the cars. Anyway hoping that you lads, ladette, gents and mistresses can help/assist me with a recent problem - I think my Clutch Master Cylinder has farked it. Firstly, I don't drive my S13 much.. Probably about once a week ...Noticed last night while I was coming home that my clutch wouldn't disengage properly, the clutch pedal felt rather awkward both upon depress and self-release/return. Depress felt too free and slighty clumsy, while the return was cumbersome requiring me to manually put my foot under the pedal to return it fully sometimes. Closer inspection today reveals an empty Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir, slight dampness below and around the clutch pedal area and visible leakage from the push rod?. From what I can gather, I'm either up for a new replacement Clutch Master Cylinder or to rebuild my current one (probably not). So I guess what I'm after, is supporting comments either for or against my conclusion and some further advice... I presume this means that I'll have to bleed the system? Anyone willing to offer their some of their time please? (I'm still a noob) If someone could kindy offer their expertise, then I'll not only express my gratitude but will pay in case of something and hugs... If I was queer, then perhaps a kiss or two. Cheers. - Richard
  10. WTB: Weights + Bench

    Sorry Simon, going to hijack this slightly.. I'm after a set of adjustable dumbbells.
  11. Alright got it fixed $$$ today... Apparently I was correct in thinking that the push rod on the replacement cylinder is slightly shorter. Otherwise, at least the system is bleed properly now too, feels much better.. Will need to start thinking about replacing the slave cylinder sometime in the future aswell. Thanks for the advice guys!

    cafc_86 in Philip as I dropped off my S13 to get looked at ...Looks pretty fkn smick
  13. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    Is Performance Garage still around? ..Both phone numbers are now disconnected. EDIT: F*(&)@$#K! ...I guess having a broken back doesn't help - http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=376960
  14. Alright took another look, still can't work out what's wrong.. and I'm doubting that the system has been bleed properly as I can hear 'squeaks' coming from within the master cylinder when I push against the pedal ...Thinking that it might be an air pocket? I've tried adjusting the push rod and shaft, but it seems the more I adjust it, the further away it becomes from being lined up with the other pedals. Not even sure if pushing the pedal all the way to the firewall is disengaging the clutch 100% either! ..Wouldn't like to think that it's wearing away at my clutch in the mean time. If not tomorrow.. Then is anyone available Saturday morning to take a peek and guide me to where might the problem be? ..Woden area. EDIT 1: Hmm sort of what's happening with my situation - http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?s...h+pedal+problem EDIT 2: I'm going to check and see if the original push rod fork is longer than the replacement, perhaps that's part of the problem as to why the pedal is no longer in-line with the other pedals... CHECKED: Damn, looks to be the same!
  15. So we tried to bleed the system... From what I can tell it's mostly bleed and done, as in no more bubbles. But now.. There is a lot less travel on the pedal with a bit of free play up top! ..The friction point is about mid-way on the pedal travel with it not self-returning completely (free play) and it doesn't appear to fully disengaged until close to the firewall! Almost seems like the push rod is a lot shorter than the original even though I'm pretty sure it's not! To this effect, the clutch pedal is no longer lining up with the brake and accelerator pedal. I think the whole pedal/push rod needs adjusting, but can't quite work out how-to exactly.. I have searched, but any advice/pointers/tips? EDIT 1: Well, the good news is - The car drives again! EDIT 2: Hmm now I'm even more confussed! - http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/289612 EDIT 3: Well this looks simple enough - http://www.miata.net/garage/adjust_clutch/index.html
  16. Right.. Figured it out! ...I think... A little unsure to the amount of pedal travel though, seems a lot less than what it was before removing the old one. ..Might help if I bleed the system then try adjusting it again...
  17. Shhh Stuart ...I made sure to wear a high-visibility jacket. - Safety first EDIT: Here we go this is the part that I'm talking about... But I actually need to release it more as mine is too deep -
  18. The Clutch Master Cylinder looks almost exactly like this one - Pretty much a standard replacement except that the outlet nozzle attaches from below rather that the side on the factory unit. The push rod has a screw thread at the end, where there is a single nut and fork that joins the pedal by a clevis pin. Just not having much room to work with makes this FKN annoying as I'm not sure how I can adjust it so the pedal has more travel - Rather than taking eveything off again and attempting to refit. ...I think part of the problem/difficulty is in the actual push rod itself rotating... I think I need to loosen the nut.. Live in the Woden area.. Pretty much going to try and get this sorted out tomorrow as much as I can one way or another.
  19. Thanks Simon! Soo.. Car is up on ramps. System drained of brake fluid (mostly). Old Clutch Master Cylinder removed. New Clutch Master Cylinder installed and screwed in. Hydraulic line "bent" to accommodate new Clutch Master Cylinder and screwed in. Push rod reconnected to clutch pedal. Then for tomorrow... Figure out how the F()@$K! the push rod can be adjusted on the clutch pedal! Bleed the system. - Still might need someones assistance with this please?! Test run.
  20. Ah yeah, went there... Didn't have them in stock and would be a fair delay to get them in. DAMNIT! .. I think I'm going to need a trolley jack which I don't have! ...GRRRR I'll probably have to do this tomorrow then *if* I can acquire one tonight.
  21. Ahhh cheers for the advice! Will do! Which is your old work? ...Too late now anyway, got a new Clutch Master Cylinder for $63 today! Uhhhh yeah... got a plan for that... lol
  22. Ahaha cheers for the advice there Greg! ..But I'm not going to comment! Right.. Off to do some shopping this morning.. EDIT: DAMNIT! ...No Clutch Master Cylinder ...yet. - Does anyone have one they can sell me? ...Otherwise I'm going to start ringing around.. So far.. Got a quote for a rebuild, ~$100+ OMG! ...New one for $63 ...Although "some bending of lines required" OKAY! ...So plan is, try and get part (Clutch Master Cylinder) today > Install tomorrow ...Still after some companionship too
  23. What makes you think they're random?! ...They've been bold'd strategically. ..And because I can
  24. Going to go down to Lennock Motors / Nissan tomorrow and see if I can get a new Clutch Master Cylinder - If not, then I'll ring around Canberra ...Will also need to get DOT 3 brake fluid from what I understand, and may consider getting a pressure pump to assist with the bleeding procedure.
  25. EXCELLENT INFORMATION! - THANK YOU TAI! At the moment, I'm planning to do this tomorrow ..Mostly by myself with dad's assistance, unless someone else is available for an hour or so?