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  1. all the acts this year are average im not too phased about not being at BDO today but i have got the day off work anyway
  2. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    What did you pick that up for? 30k flat, great bargain
  3. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    my new beast (no import anymore) 6 speed, 5.7L V8, only 45000 kms. bought it in Sydney and drove it back
  4. Pearl Jam 2009 Australian Tour

    adelaide was amazing! so many rarities brain of j, in my tree no way smile! best concert ever bring on melb and brissy now haha

    hey guys I was reading a mens health magazine on the shitter last night at a mates and I read some guy preaching about back exercises and saying that when you work your back you should work the top half of it before you work the bottom half, as you use the bottom half in both and you will get better more controlled reps out when working the upper if your lower is fresh. is this true? I've always considered the deadlift the most important exercise for the back and normally dive straight into it on my workouts because I feel I need to be 100% for them! I might do some rows as well but any other back work eg lat pull downs etc I consider to be 'filler' and not important.
  6. Heaven On Earth NYE

    got 2 tickets for sale anyone that wants em call me 0433 218 726. will give $10 cheaper than current retail
  7. Windows 7

    dontbe a sheep, get 64bit. the more people that move to it the quicker vendors will support it i have 64bit ultimate its awesome
  8. Guitar Amp Choices

    i have a line6 spider2 barely used if anyone wants it from SA pm me ill do you a great price
  9. TFIF - Are the AFP really among us?

    hows this for an email from one guy to another mate of mine in an email thread between all of us friends earlier this week ive taken out unimportant bits....
  10. you do alot of supersets on thursday mate lol the only thing you should be supersetting your exercises with is rest
  11. Windows vista vs 7

    spot on bro... i can send you a dvd of it ready 2 go if u cbf wasting your dl limit.. cheers for the offer bro my mate downloaded it last night so im gonna grab it off him looking forward to playing with it
  12. Windows vista vs 7

    which version of 7 did you download an get working dude? was it this one? Microsoft.Windows.7.ULTIMATE.x64.Integrated.October.2009.OEM.DVD-BIE
  13. Regency Identity Check

    Stamp Duty Calc For a 20k car, it will be $740 + $21 admin fee. Like a retirement home that makes money when people die, this process makes money when people transfer the same product over and over again. Brilliant… if you’re a beneficiary cheers mate
  14. Regency Identity Check

    well i still haven't gotten around to taking my car through again haha my brothers going to do it for me while im in sydney! chicken sweat your story is hilarious esp about that guy abusing you LOL how much stamp duty am i looking at paying for a car i paid 20k for?