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  1. Brand new Walbro 255LPH fuel pump. Still in plastic, part number is GSS342K. Includes fitting kit- connector, clamps, terminals, filter strainer, rubber insulator. $135 shipped anywhere in Aus. Send me a PM if interested. Sam
  2. Got a brand new still in plastic genuine walbro 255 in tank fuel pump with fitting kit and strainer for sale. Great upgrade for your stock fuel pump and they are easy to install. $135 shipped nationwide or can arrange to be collected in Perth, WA. Thanks
  3. Tie Rod and Ends

    Thanks man. And the advantage to more steering lock is?
  4. Hey all Looking at getting some adjustable Tie Rods and Tie Rod ends. What benefits will I get from installing these? Excuse ignorance but when it comes to suspension I get lost.
  5. 5w - 30 Castrol Edge Sport

    Go the 10w-60 in a motor of that age.
  6. jzx90

    You will fit in there fine. If you decide to import from Japan use Imports101, I used them to import my 180sx and they are just awesome!
  7. jzx90

    I think the JZX90s are slightly narrower. Im 6ft5 ish and im a bit big height wise in it. They are a lovely car to drive and at times feel a bit heavy but with a 2.5" cat back exhaust it makes it that much better in a straight line.
  8. jzx90

    About 450kms from 60L i think. His is auto and the box is lovely. The JZX90s had twin turbos the JZX100 were single. No such thing as a stupid question when you want to find out every little bit of info.
  9. jzx90

    JZX90 usually come 1JZ twin turbo or 2JZ N/A in the Grande series which is full luxo spec! My dad has a JZX91 (2JZ-GE) and has been his daily for near on 4 years. Problems he has had with it are things like the climate control playing up and the shocks wearing out. On a 14 year old heavy car worn shocks are inevitable i find. Most recent issue ws the starter motor wearing out, again I consider that wear and tear on a 14 year old car. General servicing is fine with just some Mobil Synth S 10w-40 and a ryco oil filter every 10 000kms she runs fine. Hope this helps you out some bit. Any questions dont hessitate for a PM.
  10. 180sx door speakers

    My 1990 180SX had 5x7's in the front but I am led to believe the later models had a different size speaker. If you google it you will find a paper template to print out to help you make a bracket for some 6-6.5" speakers.
  11. Rear brakes

    I need to change my rear brakes they are currently factory CA spec. At this stage I just want to change discs and pads. Is it worth going slotted on the rear? My front set up consists of 32 calipers(still 4 stud) DBA slotted discs and Ferodo DS2000. Is it worth forking out more and using the same discs and pads on the rear? Cheers
  12. Amazing Scale model ferrari

    thats crazy. seems like it is built to a high standard.
  13. Turbo Choice for my CA18DET

    Trsut T518z? Im no expert but how would that suit this blokes requirements?
  14. Tools - what do I need ?

    I use repco tools, they are well priced have a lifetime warrant and I couldnt justify buying something alot more expensive for the amount of time I use the tools.