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  1. Great information thanks for that I'll defintely take that all in and yeah true 180kws seems like enough for a fun street number
  2. I've looked through the forums and tried to find a post similar to my situation but there's always a variation so sorry if it's another one of those. I'm looking to achieve around 200kws with my 200sx s15 for simple street cruising and a bit of fun no track days. To achieve this I have this mod list Front mount intercooler 3" turbo back exhaust (punched out cat) Turbosmart boost gauge Turbosmart boost tee 255lph walbro fuel pump 555cc injectors Nistune flash (Stock 6 speed) I have yet to buy the injectors and flash because I'm not sure exactly how to go about tuning, do I need a dyno tune or simply that ecu flash tune...or both ? Do I need anything more or different ? The main concern is how I go about tuning, I live around Sydney so any tuners in Sydney that can be recommended would be appreciated. Thanks