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  1. no worries mate ive got a bride seat in mine atm and have had no dramas and neither have my mates, the biggest thing at the moment is epa sound testing so if ur car is loud be wary.
  2. Hey mate u can tell you now wagga is the worst place for arsehole cops i currently live here and they are all on big power trips but.. most of them dont know squat about imports. send us a pm if u need any info on where to go mechanics, pubs etc
  3. N.S.W Newbie...Sort of..

    nice vehicle GARGZ
  4. SKIDPAN / DECA / DRIFT day.

    Ba bow! wrong Blake! To run cams events your officials need to have the proper cams training. There is no just following their rules or just volunteering.Unless you can get cams to supply the scruitineers,marshals,safety etc. It would be easier just to join a club that already holds days there which runs under cams. Or maybe try AASA which would be alot less of a hassle. Cheap licensing, and anyone can help out with running the events. They easy to deal with when organising events. In short cams is crap to deal with, too much bullshit and they aren't cheap.
  5. Silvia / JDM Nationals

    anymore news on this event?
  6. VicDrift Practice Day - March 2011

    Also had a good day spectating! unlucky to the guys who damaged their cars hopefully there weren't any injuries.
  7. JAPAN

    its unbelievable, poor bastards
  8. Silvia / JDM Nationals

    oh well i guess your right im just going off what ive been told by my mate who used to dj over there on friday and saturday nites andrew u should have stayed in wagga and checked out the scene here lol
  9. Silvia / JDM Nationals

    should be a good weekend cootamundra is only 50 mins from wagga! Is a hick town though apparently is pretty rough at night time lots of fights at pubs etc.
  10. there isnt much point doing engine mods to your n/a car when i had my s13 (y0_mang's) i just made it nice and dialed in the suspension, the car was quick enough for what i used it for could still slide it all u had to do is go faster and kick the clutch abit more lol edit: sorry for digging up an old thread...
  11. Opertaion strike force Taipan

    I havent been defected in my car, however where i live in Wagga Wagga they have just introduced epa sound testing. My mates dad is the mechanic that is doing the testing. My r32 was there before i got it registered getting a few minor things fixed up on it when the epa guys came down to show him what to look for and how to properly operate the testing machine as my car being the only modified "running" car there he told them that they could use my car as a "test mule". It wasnt a legit test as my car didnt have rego however, if it was i would have been done for exhaust, fmic, aftermarket turbo, manifold and wastegate also the highflow metal cat was too small according to them, (its bigger than the standard one) The reading was 93 db which wasnt as bad as i 1st thought, they then told my mechanic that pod filters are'nt illegal aslong as they are enclosed ( as most of us know)they are legal but its up to his discretion as to weather he deems is too loud or not. One said he would pass it and the other epa guy said he wouldnt. To be honest my frigging clutch fan is louder than the filter. i guess what im saying is that there are 2 sets of rules too much hair splitting about modifications and as much as its a pain in the arse its not going to get any better with owning a modified car whether it being an import or not.
  12. so who won? how did primal garage go?
  13. Youse

    One that drives me up the wall is when people say "i brought it", instead of saying "i bought it". HOW FRIGGIN HARD IS IT?
  14. Rim Colour Choice XD9

    You don't have Works XD, you have WOrks CR KAI. hahaha f**k good one!