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  1. Item: GP sports kit for s14A Description: sprayed in white, great condition just needs a wash Price: $1000 Location: Melbourne, westside Willing to post?: no Contact: pm or 0423 505 674

    Got a bench press with squat rack/chin up bar. 2x 25kg plates 2x10kg plates 2x7.5kg plates 2x5kg plates 4x2.5kg plates barbell $150 pickup west melb, take the whole lot.
  3. New impound laws

    cops care so much for hoons cause for murders/pedofiles/drugs and anything else important...NOONE gets any money and costs the taxpayers. With hoons being caught, there is plenty of $$$ in fines for the government, Cost to tax payers == minimal. all about the $$$
  4. In Vic, if you got a fine say $265 and 3 demerits, pay the fine with an extra $1($266) online and the 3 demerits wont be taken off you...
  5. JAPAN

    damn just watching the footage of the water rushing through

    purple type x off the sunshine ave exit from freeway. tough stance
  7. I Need More TV !

    quick question, any probs with astraweb lately? Just asking cause mine is like shit house speed. from 2+mb/s to 800kb/s which it has been since dec last year..
  8. my last holiday was last June. Its just so different overseas, the way of life and all. Booked a holiday 6 months ago for KL->VN->Thailand and the wait is killing me. I leave next week f**k yea!