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  1. Hey Greg I called a few weeks ago regarding this bellhousing when you weren’t sure or not if you were going to produce it. Have you looked into it further to see if this would work with a z32 gearbox? I can imagine it would as there practically the same gearbox with a different bellhousing and the z32 has a remote shifter. The two bellhousings are interchangeable between both z32 and rb25 gearboxes, then all that would be needed is an aftermarket remote shifter assembly (nigel, mazworkx, ect) gearbox mount and tailshaft. I only ask as I have two z32 gearboxes and am looking to do the conversion sometime this year.
  2. August Ebisu Matsuri

    When did you get flights?
  3. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Jetstar had a special, thats out of Darwin though, got my leave approved today, all looks to be good!
  4. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Just bought tickets for 300 return! yea buddy!
  5. Spring Matsuri

    Just come up to the Taxi if ya want a ride, Im shit but it will be great fun :-) Anyone's welcome to jump in with me, keen as to meet some of you guys, Ill have the white s14 with "KRUGES" plates haha, im not very good so if anyones keen to give us some tips feel free. Going to be a blast.
  6. Spring Matsuri

    Everyone ive spoken to says that roaming charges are huge and to make sure to turn roaming off.
  7. Spring Matsuri

    Im entered in G1, also staying at the Urban with a rental car (if all goes to plan) and more than happy to help out if anyone needs a lift, we ended up hiring a car from Koriyama and plan on driving to Nihonmatsu, not long now! Cant imagine how busy Andy and Emily must be.
  8. Nice driving man, bring on the 25.
  9. FS: 94 180sx

    Great first post buddy.
  10. Is SBC goin to be available? Also quote on, F 17x9+22 R 17x10+18 In silver, delivered to 0820.
  11. Spring Matsuri

    I plan on doing G1, however itll depend on how everything goes the week before.
  12. Feint motion AE86 build

    WOW! Must be awesome to drive
  13. Spring Matsuri

    1, Ryan - s14 2, Sam - s14 3, Michael - R32 missle 4, Marko - c33 missile 5/6 - Joey/Shane - blue 180 7/8 - Nic/Rohan - Silver R33
  14. Spring Matsuri

    1, Ryan - s14 2, Sam - s14 3, Michael - R32 missle 4, Marko - c33 missile 5/6 - Joey/Shane - blue 180