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  1. BN Bodykits

    very few left, which one u r after
  2. Bodykit Sale

    Sorry no Msport for silvia yet.
  3. BN Bodykits

    vertex R32 to Hobart is 370 Delivered or BN to Hobart is 470 Deliverd. cheers
  4. BN Bodykits

    i would hope not, i just paid for the kit.. Bodykit is to suit Normal Body.
  5. BN Bodykits

    Sorry nothing yet.
  6. BN Bodykits

    We have Type X style indicators, also have tear drop style. price of these Type X style to melbourne ??? 120 Delivered. Thx
  7. BN Bodykits

    postage is 200 to perth. Cheesr
  8. BN Bodykits

    Which vertex kit you are talking about? Shipping to QLD should be around 150.00 for a box.
  9. BN Bodykits

    We have Type X style indicators, also have tear drop style.
  10. BN Bodykits

    Only Vertex available for AE86.
  11. BN Bodykits

    Come see me at the store i'll give you the quote. cheers
  12. BN Bodykits

  13. BN Bodykits

    We have Following BN Style bodykits available for S13 S14 series 1 and 2 R32 2 Dr and 4 Dr (Vertex only) R34 180SX RX7 FC All BN kits are 795 plus delivery R32 4 Dr Vertex kit is 950 Vertex kits are also availble for 695 plus delivery S13 S14 R32 180SX RX7 FC (Msport) fitting and painting also available from $700 in Adelaide Many other style available just log on to www.speeddreamz.com.au
  14. Bodykit Sale

    Its abt 33 cm drop from the bottom of head lights. Cheers
  15. Bodykit Sale

    Fitting and painting is around 800.00 pics attached