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  1. another S15 Gearbox issue

    literally havent touched a thing all standard inside. I havent had a chance to test anything more at the moment but i got a new battery for the poor old girl so that hampered my efforts to do some diagnosis. What kit did you go with and are you happy with it? lots of positive reviews about the npc organic. How much did it cost you? easy to do yourself without a hoist?
  2. Hey guys Having a few issues with my gearbox at the moment. I have only been able to drive the car once every 2-3months so it has sat in the shed for long periods of time with little use. Only has 98,000km on the car/box, it is still all standard inside, clutch etc putting out 233rwkw and had no dramas with the box at all apart from the dreaded throwout bearing noise that they all get in neutral. Had no dramas until recently i took it for a drive and all was fine for about 30min until the clutch pedal started to feel a bit doughy and i was getting some serious grinding to try get into gear. Even when double clutching it was extremely difficult to get into gear and i could only really get in 1st, 3rd and 5th with some effort. I figured it to be the slave or master cylinder but having checked a few things im not entirely sure it is. When holding the clutch in the slave stays out fine and doesnt retract, and there is no sign of oil seeping from under the rubber boot. Master cylinder looks fine with no leaks and fluid levels have remained consistent. A Mechanic mate of mine has suggested maybe a spigot or throwout bearing issue. Also important to note that when the car is at a complete stop it goes into all the gears fine with no dramas. Ive done a few searches on here and there is literally a million posts about gearbox issues with the s15's in all shapes and forms. Wondering if someone can either shed some light on possible problem/ways to diagnose further. Or a similar thread with the information i might be looking at. I really want to get her back on the road as im now able to drive her a bit more regularly.
  3. My Sr lost power b4 redline

    This. I had to gap mine as i was getting horrible cut outs and spluttering 6k plus, gapped them and it was fixed. pretty sure i made them 0.6mm gaps on all plugs. Could be fouled spark plugs as well, might be worth taking them out to see. If you have the right tools you can gap them yourself if your careful.
  4. step 1 cams

    I have the setup that NJA82 mentioned running 230rwkw with tomei step 1 cams and 2860RS with 0.86 rear housing. Really enjoy the power from it, pulls hard from 3500 to redline. I was a bit suspicious of the cams being a bit to much for standard valve springs and all but it got a good thrashing on the dyno at ECC and never missed a beat. The cams make a fairly big difference once you hit 5500 its almost like you get a second wind. Attached a pic of the dyno chart. it pulled 233rwkw/313rwhp. Very happy with the figure and it was on a reasonably hot day. on the rear of the chart there is AFR's if your interested i can post them up as well
  5. engine acid dip

    im doing the same thing as you mate, ive bought 20L of diesel and i gota go buy 20L of kerro (70 buks from bunnings trying to find it cheaper). my old man used to do engine reconditioning and said they had a vat of diesel and kerro they would soak the parts in for a few days then take it out and clean with a wire brush etc. Since your not using it again you could high pressure clean it after its been soaked. thats what i plan to do anyway
  6. Guard Pumping/Flaring/Rolling

    any idea how much it costs to get guards rolled by fine fitment? just a rough guess
  7. pod is mounted in normal spot with Z32 afm, it has had 2 short drives of about 15min each, Everything on the power fc hand controller seems to be within range, car runs fine its only when it starts. I thought at first perhaps one of the plugs could have fouled but im not sure, ill start her up and go for another drive soon, i dont think it is anything drastic because it seems to run fine when its warm. When i got home after i hit that puddle i checked the engine bay and a bit of water was in there but nothing drastic the car was running fine just running lumpier than it usually does after a short drive, perhaps it just needs a nice long run to dry it out. Once the rain stops (if it ever does in brisbane) ill take it for a nice long drive. Also i was using the CRC contact cleaner which says that it disperses water on the can so that should have done the trick. Thanks for the help so far, any more info is very welcome
  8. Fellow ns.com'ers the other night on my way home from gym there was some extremely heavy rain in a storm which caused flash flooding. I couldnt see out of the window real good and i hit a decent puddle of water doing about 40km an hour. as i came out of it the engine light flashed for a second and the car died for a split second, but then it was fine. Next morning i started it up and it seemed like either the timing was horribly out or it was running on 3 cylinders. So i went through with contact cleaner and cleaned out the afm plug, coilpacks + plugs and all. also idle control plug etc etc. After that it started up fine but the idle was rough and on a cold start when it normally goes up to 1500 rpm it wouldnt, it would settle at about 1000rpm. Now whenever i start it, it runs shitty on cold and the idle isnt raised much to compensate for the cold engine. but after that it seems to run ok once warm. Mind you i have only driven it twice for a short distance after spraying all the plugs, and it hasnt stopped raining. im thinking that maybe once it gets a decent run and theres some sunshine it will dry everything out. But just curious what the tech heads reckon the problem might be. cheers in advance Brock edit: car has a power fc and poncams which may be related to this issue.
  9. Eyefinity Setups

    thats pretty cool hawker, i tried that to start off with (not with a mounting bracket like that though) and it was ok, but i think because mine are more of a semicircle it made it annoying. Bezel compensation is def worth it, def would have liked to have known that you need identical monitors before i went ahead with the eyefinity setup. sid280- only game i have come across that wont do it is fallout 3 new vegas, but in saying that i cant get through the first bit because there is some bug that prevents me from answering more questions about my character so ive given up on it for now. playing medal of honour and its awesome, works straight out of the box with bezel compensation and all. I think more game developers need to consider the multi-monitor gaming community from now on. Theres clearly a lot more of us out there than they think. Its generally a very simple fix in the coding which would take 2 hours of their time max rather than having to fix it ourselves.
  10. Medal Of Honour

    playing it at the moment, i dont mind the single player, i think its pretty cool how you play multiple characters and swap between them. eg. at one point your in the apache then you swap over to sniper and save the other character from getting blasted by an AA gun. then your covering your other character on the ridge as a sniper then swap over to the other character as you retreat over the ridge. The graphics look stunning on eyefinity as well, and it works straight out of the box without and FOV issues. Scripted events suck though, needs to have more random events to feel natural.
  11. Eyefinity Setups

    as touge said, do it properly, save up and buy big. Only downside to eyefinity is lack of support with most games, and also the fact that you become a triple screen snob, and dont want to play games on a single screen anymore. Plus most of the old games arent supported, however the are lots of fixes now that allow you to play them, but not all with bezel compensation (which annoys me)
  12. Eyefinity Setups

    zertek- you could keep the processor and upgrade at a later stage, it would be ideal to upgrade, im using a quad core and it does the job, however im thinking an i7 would remove a little bit of the bottle neck with the higher quality graphics games at high res. 5900 series are awesome but REALLY expensive, make sure you check what outputs it has, some of them have only mini display port outputs. Id opt for one with DVI/HDMI/displayport. That way you dont have to buy as many adapters. With monitors depending on what your budget is i would go for 120hz monitors. I get a bit of screen tear with my 60hz ones but it isnt enough to annoy me. disenter- Yea thats the issue i have heard with passive rather than active. Might be worth just buying a displayport -> VGA for now, i can imagine the DVI ones are twice as hard to find. TougeR34- yea 6 monitors would be pretty power hungry. Ive got mine so that they turn off after 10min of no use. Saves a fair bit of power that way. Id recomend the 3+1, just get a good size TV as your (+1) and it will be sweet! I still havent worked out how you could do that. Have 3 monitors in eyefinity and the TV as a seperate entity.
  13. Eyefinity Setups

    some good setups there! Dave- be interesting if all i had to do was put a VGA to DVI adapter and save buying another one. Might try it out and see how it goes. Even so i think the adapters have less pins which might not enable that monitor to transmit the signal required for bluray quality. tougeR34 let me know how you go with eyefinity 6, i rekn it would shit me off in FPS games because theres a bezel in the road of your cross-hair or in that area. SC2 looks unreal on eyefinity 6 tho. I enjoy the tripple monitor setup and it is unbelievably hard to find a desk to fit them, its pretty much 1.2 m wide of monitor with 3x24inch. Wouldnt mind going to 3x27inch oneday, i setup my girlfriends pc with a 27 inch monitor and man it looks awesome haha. would be some seriously large reso's btw if anyone has some good eyefinity wallpapers post em im chasing any in 5860x1080 ill post up some when i get home
  14. Eyefinity Setups

    hey dave. I got my adapter from pc case gear, its a sapphire branded "active" displayport to vga adapter. There were no active displayport to dvi adapters in australia, and any you bought from overseas were around $150, this one cost me about $50, works a charm i just cant play bluray movies in that screen, so i made sure it wasnt my center screen. I havent noticed any quality difference however i will probably upgrade to the dvi one when i see them in stock. Ive heard that you definitely need an active adapter, the dvi ones require usb power however the vga one doesnt, but it is still active. Ive heard some people say the passive one works but i duno, i cant speak from experience having not tried one. pc case gear doesnt sell the vga ones anymore but heres one from a different store VGA cable Having the different sized monitors its a bit of a pain in the ass with eyefinity. One thing to remember (which i didnt research) is you need to have 3 of exactly the same monitor in order to use bezel compensation.. and i mean IDENTICAL. I had another samsung 24inch monitor, and it wouldnt do bezel compensation, so i had to sell it and buy another identical one to my other 2. Bezel compensation makes it so much better because the image doesnt stretch and effectively it tricks the computer into thinking that there is image behind the bezels. making it look more natural. A lot of people say that the bezels would be annoying, and they are without it, but once u have the bezel compensation its much more natural and i dont even notice it. BTW your a bastard i wanted to buy that card! but gamedude said they were 3 months away, and even after 3 months they still werent in so i opted for the cheaper card. thinking of stepping up to sapphire HD5970 4G once it drops below 1k lol. definitely no lag problems after that, but i think if anything my lag is due to processor and hard drive bottle necks.
  15. Eyefinity Setups

    I think the main thing that gives eyefinity its edge is the fact that it "expands" your field of view, it doesnt just make a bigger version of what you would normally see on 1 monitor. It gives you that peripheral vision which i rekn makes the experience just that bit better. You can still have a big 42inch lcd connected after you have eyefinity set up. Oneday when im rich i might invest, but im thinking its time for an i7 upgrade + SSD. Attached a pic of crysis. Looks shit cos the lighting in the room was wreaking havoc on my phone camera