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  1. r32 headlight problem

    Almost guarantee it'll be the stalk/switch, had a couple of r32s and the way it switches headlights on is crazy, the whole power feed goes through the stalk to switch the lights independently, it'll be melted inside and bridged across drivers light, relay will be hot cause it'll have power through it continuously. Had to replace in both cars and finding good ones that weren't melted was a mission.. Had to replace both the light switch and stalk in each car
  2. Hey guys, A mates got an r33 with an rb26 in it, running an auto r33 gearbox. He purchased a rebuilt/worked gearbox for it out of another r33, it didn't come with the flex plate though and the new hi stall converter has 3 bolts (to bolt converter to flex plate) not 4 like the std r33 converter. Anyone know what a 3 bolt flex plate is out of and where to get one? I've seen a pic with one just not having any luck getting one. Other option is getting the 3 bolt converter mounted to the std flex plate but trying to find the right plate first. Any help would be great, cheers
  3. Urgent Question

    take a look on http://www.rimtuck.com/ always good to see some cars with the wheel and tyre specs listed
  4. T25 or T28? You be the judge

    a t28 / disco potato etc will not fit on that manifold as the turbo will hit the block, did this 12months ago with a mates u13 bluebird sr20det powered n14. You will need to use a gti-r manifold
  5. My 99 WRX

    for reasons I wont go into Although hopefully it would be better next time I went there (not like the last time...) Will decide once its up to that stage i spose, might ring them and have a chat anyway Haven't put much thought into who else I would use but I might also give Autotech a ring about it Thanks for the comments on the car
  6. My 99 WRX

    Car was built and tuned by Croydon Racing Developments Once the box is rebuilt and for next retune I think I will be switching to someone else (Powertune?)
  7. My 99 WRX

    Forgot the power Its currently making 307kw atw on 22psi detuned for the street. It has made 412kw atw with a manual box, 32psi and race fuel though
  8. My 99 WRX

    Hey guys, Been on NS.com for ages, thought I might post up my other car Bought this in June 2010 and so far done about 4000kms in it.. (just clicked over 56k original kms) Purchased it from the original owner from new who also did most of the mods on it. Since owning it I've had several things to fix/replace/upgrade and still have the gbox to be rebuilt then a retune for more boost and more power before I hit the track. Car isn't drivin much as I currently have this, a 180sx, a VR 5Lt plus a work van.. Heres a quick rundown and some pics, hope u like it Engine Specs: EJ25 block Darton sleeves closed deck block JE pistons Argo rods Ported heads 1mm oversize Ferrea valves JUN stage 2 cams/springs/retainers/sprockets Sard 1000cc injectors Bosch 044 pump Sard fuel reg Greddy T78 33D Turbosmart progate 48mm wastegate n screamer Turbosmart type 3 bov Zero Sports extractors ARC sump Motec M8 ecu M&W CDI ATI harmonic balancer 3.5" stainless exhaust 4" thick custom tube n fin fmic Custom plenum billet fuel rails custom breather setup Oil cooler Transmission Cooler Mercury ign coils Suspension + Brakes: King Springs Prosport coilovers Whiteline swaybars K-sport 330mm 8 piston front, 330mm 6 piston rear Interior: Full retrim in black and red leather Blitz SBC boost controller Saber gauges Wheels: 18 x 7.5 Volk copys power is fed through a built auto thats fully manualised and a B&M pro ratchet shifter, 4k stall convertor and locked centre diff (with fwd/awd switch). Gearbox is need of a freshen up but its gonna have to wait till I sell another car first.. Probably more I've missed Most of the pics are from the FastFours shoot
  9. TYPE X Seatbelts.

    I know a mates 93 180sx has different rear seatbelts to my 96, completely different mount and type of retractor bit lol
  10. Corsa tyres

    I had them in 235/40/18 on the back of my old S14, and a mate had them same size on back of his vx, they were pretty grippy and lasted ages! only cost me like $110/tyre as well
  11. Another shot of mine now 5 stud conversion is done and wheels are on, still alot more to go..
  12. BN Widebody L98 S14

    love it what an animal
  13. bit different when I saw it, lookin tuff mate!! (I bought the std bars off u ) in keepin with the rules.. trial fitment of new wheels on the project (more pics to come once they are all on..)
  14. Clutches and flywheels

    Dont see why not