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  1. S15 Vertex Style Body Kit - $120

    Price : $120 Condition : Used vertex looking fiberglass sideskirts for s15 skirts are new, very good fit no mounting tabs underneath but good plain shape FRONT IS SOLD 120 for sides REAR BAR IS SOLD pickup skye 3977 SMS 0415494235 also selling sr20det in bits scored bore and spun bearing comes with a heap of extras 2cranks inlet/exhaust mani with t25 $250 sr20det loom uncut $100 sr20de FWD engine no crank or rods otherwise complete FREE no this engine will not work in a RWD car but its free
  2. S14 Body Kit Series 1 - $500

    Price : $500 Condition : Used series 1 s14 fibreglass kit front and rear bar have never been painted but the skirts have a some damage, easy fix rear bar has plate lights in it already pick up skye 3977 SMS 0415494235
  3. caster rods are perfect and look great thanks for the stickers and candycanes too

    gonna get it out on the 27th for practice day prob just get on the learner track thou, i havnt driven it for about 3 years
  5. mine screwed up so i removed it, daily driver except for having to have your foot on the throttle for about 30secs from cold start its fine, completely bearable use your throttle body adjuster to set idle once its warm, and recalibrate the tps one your done yes its ghetto i know the best bit is removing the water hoses that run thru it
  6. Lazer eye surgery

    my gf got it done about 3 months ago in melb, she had to do the older type laser so recovery was longer but after an initial improvement things have got better and better, now she has more than 20/20 sight and has never regretted it since she had thin retinas they reccomened the older type that re shapes the outside rather than internal reshaping it cost 2k per eye that was if payed in full (not financed) or its 2.5 each medownick laser eye
  7. some of my fabrication

    Those twins look exactly the same as a set I sold last year matched for a 300zx, they could be the ones Makes me wish I did the same thing looks crazy good
  8. Where to buy spacers?

    Lol google broken eBay you might even get ones with the right inner ring for ya wheels
  9. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    are you going to the next winton on the 11th?
  10. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    dont fix it to good, you will throw it into corners harder if its already alittle banged up well i would . . . i was in the black onevia at the servo on the way out
  11. i hear from a few ppl that actually work with those Holdens that s2 ones far more reliable. as s1's always blow
  12. Hi everyone.. my NA Type X

    yeah tps/coldstart all on the intake mani it goes from 600 to 1000 cause its just warming up idles higher when its hot
  13. introducing myself

    more ta's the better welcome to the forums
  14. hey boys and girls

    s12 nice, picsss
  15. Morning!

    even thou i prefer mitsi's over subaru's welcome to the forums