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  1. name change

    so how do you cancel your account so can start a new one with a new name?????
  2. How to cancel acount?

    Im trying to find how to cancel my acount. Because it wont let me start a new one useing the sme email. Other wise how can I just change the name on my old acount??
  3. Sub Frame Bushings

    I used to have pineapples but changed to solid ones. With the pineapples there were clean rings around were the cradle bolts to the chassis. So they were doing a crap job of holding it in place. The benifit of holding every thing square is more then being able to tilt the dif
  4. how much lock?

    How much castor do you have? Mine used to bind with 9deg so I had to wind it back until it stoped binding
  5. Origin

    Since its a drift brand I figure heres the best place to ask I want a few parts and would prefer to get them here if possible
  6. oil relo question(s)

    with out a thermostat I was starting to get foamy scum in the top of my engine like the stuff that comes out of a catch can. I found out that it is cause by the cooler working too good. I put a in line thermostat in and problem is gone. I also mounted my filter upside down under the head light out side the engine bay so I dont make any mess at all
  7. Diff Ratio's for Drift

    I use 4.6 and ive only got 200rwkw and 235/45/17 tyres and its not a problem. I much prefer shifting 3rd to 4th mid drift compared to shifting 2nd to 3rd. Try going faster and useing momentum to drift rather than using power. Its much nicer or the gearbox and more fun. The easiest way to get the next gear is to change gears as the car transitions so theres no load on the tyres and it wont bog down. Practice helps too
  8. Traction rod setup?

    I found with mine set a little bit shorter then standard I was at the max adjustment for camber and even with .5 deg camber I was still getting mega inside tyre wear (like I was running 3deg or more) so I wound them out abit each time I got an alignment until the tyre wear was even. Not sure how long they are now but definatly longer than standard
  9. Weissel wins Rd2 of the BBM Oran Park Cup

    Jeff says we got another 18 months at least? fingers crossed anyway.... Jeff can you confirm or deny that there is a replacement track under construction??? A friend of a friend who aparently has a job at cams claims to have seen the plans and or site Oh yeah and how about some recognition for poor old 3rd place
  10. Oran Park Cup - 3 Night Drift Series

    I had the same prob. The corner comming onto the straight behind the bridge he pulled easy 4 car lengths on me. Then to close the gap I had to go too fast into the first corner. At least I didnt hit the tyres on the way in And then I got ripped off not being alowed to do podium skids. Doesnt 3rd usualy get to join in?
  11. Oran Park Cup - 3 Night Drift Series

    1st Wiesel 2nd Monkhouse 3rd Me
  12. WHEELWORX R32 GTR Chassis #2

    Good to see he finaly puts a mask on. Maybe the prob with the clear was he was too high. If its too cold in there you could always turn on that gas heater. All those fumes... would be warm in no time
  13. Lock problems...

    You probably wont have quite so much when you put it back on the ground. Try holding it at full lock as you lower the jack. Its kind of sad seeing how much angle you will loose as the car comes down.
  14. Forum Trader Dispute

    The last time I named a bad trader I got a warning and had the posts deleted and now I want to try and go about it the right way. But it seems that there isnt a right way
  15. Racing Logic Extreme Entry Rd4

    as others have mentioned, is there any kind of possibility to have the start line set back for the official battles? Previous years I dont think the drivers would have been good enough to start further back but this year the driving was unreal. Even most of the SD cars I followed through werent lifting off before the corner from the short start.