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  1. Short drift vid

    Yeah mostly likely it will. VLC will play damn near anything.
  2. Short drift vid

    Maybe you don't have the right codec. Try playing it with VLC. http://videolan.org
  3. water temp question?

    Don't go over 100C for water and you'll be fine.
  4. Short drift vid

    108MB http://fiber.umucaoki.org/~felonmonk/video/nago14apr07.mpg YouTube compressed.
  5. 300rwkw?

    I've been making 300+rwkw on a S15 stock bottom-end for about 2 years. I cracked 300rwkw with a TD06S-20G 8cm @ 1.4bar of boost, then went with a TD06SH-25G 10cm @ 1.4bar and made 327rwkw. I have Tomei 260cams, Tomei valve springs and rocker arm stoppers, port and polished head, 740cc injectors, PFC D-jetro, Apexi 1.1mm HG, Greddy intake manifold, and Biltz 2-core FMIC and all the other supporting modifications. I don't know if it's lasted this long because the motor was low mileage or the ~100 octane fuel in Japan. BTW I'm not recommending that you make 300+rwkw on stock bottom-end.
  6. Boost Spike

    Set the warning for 11 or 11.5psi.
  7. Which Turbo 2871r or 28RS

    I'm not for sure how decompressed that would make it. What is the stock headgasket thickness?? You are right about the drivetrain loss, it's probably more around 460-470hp at the crank, but who cares about that? Of course the stock cams are hurting this engine's max potential. It'd be a 450+hp engine with cams, just showing you that 400ps can be done with stock cams.

    Have him take the turbo apart in front of you. You'll be able to see whether it's journal or ball bearing.
  9. Which Turbo 2871r or 28RS

    298rwkw @ ~1.4bar of boost with a T04S, 1.5mm headgasket, and STOCK cams. 220+kw from 5,000rpms onward.

    This is misinformation, some S15 turbos are not ballbearing.
  11. I made 309rwkw with a TD06S-20G @ 1.4 bar. Check out the turbo reference.
  12. I have a 2002 S15 engine that had 25,000km when it was put in. At first I had an S15 turbo making around 270rwhp for 2-3 months. Next was a HKS GT-RS turbo @ 1bar and 550cc injectors making 300rwhp for about 6 months. Next I got 260 tomei cams, valve springs, headgasket, 740cc injectors, and upped the boost to 1.2bar. It made 344rwhp for 8 months. Swapped out the GT-RS turbo for a TD06S-20G 8cm and tuned for 1.4bar, it made 415rwhp. Ran the TD06S-20G for about 8 months and then changed to a TD06SH-25G 10cm, added a Greddy intake manifold, and tuned for 1.4bar. It made 439rwhp and has been making it for about 3months now. Am I saying you can make 439rwhp safely on an SR stock bottom.... no! Nothing has let loose so far, but I'm saving for when it does.
  13. Anybody have a 3076R dyno chart?
  14. Make and model: Nissan Silvia S14 Size of engine: 1998cc Modifications to the car: Greddy intake manifold, PFC D-Jetro, 740cc injectors, blitz 2-core intercooler, apexi 1.1mm HG Type of turbo: TD06SH-25G Trim of turbo: dunno Rear Exhaust housing: 10cm When does vehicle begin boost: ~4000rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: ~4800rpm@1.4bar on the street, ~5200rpm on the dyno Does the vehicle have Cams? yes What brand: Tomei What lift/duration etc: 12mm/260 Max power achieve at what boost: 327rwkw@1.4bar