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  1. Moderators

    Wasn't that d-rail bloke SKONAS? most of there stuff is deleted. i remember back in 07 when he almost ran me off the road in his Honda, driving on the opposite side of the road around a blind corner. Only survivng thread: (look for GUEST - SKONAS) LINK
  2. Chef, when you say 'self leveling' are you refering to electronic adjustment, or manual, or both? say for example, R34's with factory HID's have an electronic control to adjust the light level on the dash... is that what you mean?
  3. ...solved. Nice one. Did you happen to catch the episode Chef? did they bring up those points?
  4. yeah that's true, thats what I was hoping they would touch on in the episode. But from the ad it seemed pretty conclusive: if they come the factory = OK if you fit them yourselves = not OK. It should be based on intensity. Say, anything 6000k or under is OK. like I said before, I have been blined by plenty of factory fitted HID's.
  5. I don't normally take anything I hear on TT or ACA as gospel, but i did want to watch last nights episode regarding the legallity of after MARKET HID headlight kits. They said in the ad that they are illegal to fit. I missed the episode, just wondering if anyone caught it? did they touch on how these lights are any different from factory installed items? I sometimes cop a bit of glare from Chrysler 300C's and new bogandore's. They dont seem any differnet to me.
  6. username change request

    Mods, can i please have my username changed to GT S15 please retain current password. Also, sorry if this is a dumb-ass question, but will having this username mean i will have to enter in exactly as displayed? all in caps and with a space? just pm me your response.
  7. I'll never forget the first cruise i went on around 02, with you bubs, tn, dagoldsilvia etc. It was my first cruise in my new sr20 turbs s13 in snot green. (joes golden gasoline special!) We had just come from wingfield and where heading up through the hills. We were all single file, and where cruising up at a decent pace. then all of a sudden, my right ear (my window was down) was treated to tn's ceffy's screamer pipe at 5000rpm passing 5 or 6 cars up the hill!! crazy = yes deafness = for about an hour or so! but, good times, closer nit, more respect-o! thats all i say, dont bother bout old school cruises or meet ups. the past is the past, and it's better to preserve those great memories, rather than try relive them.
  8. Item picked up, Thanks guys.
  9. Garage sale is for (more than 1 part) hence, garage sale. If you click on Latest used parts There is a suspension section, engine, interior, but no exterior or aero parts. All a man is trying to do is give away a quarter panel... it should be easier. Sorry, i prefer the old n.s ll Pm's replied, i have someone picking it up on Saturday, but if it falls through, then its first come, first serve. cheers.
  10. Sorry, i know this is in the wrong section, i have been on this site for years, but i can't get my head around the new classified layout... i dont like it!! Anyway, i'm giving away a LHS s13 quarter panel. its nice and straight, and has no dents. Its back to bare metal. I need this thing gone. Not interested in answering questions about how many extra kilowatts this will give you..... its a quarter panel, if you want it, come get it. PM me if interested. Preferably pick up during day at Grange (9am tp 5pm)
  11. Adelaide street scene

    as said b4, the car scene is dead, its over. my best memories are of the PSI days etc, Bubs13, dagoldsilvia, TN etc... when S13's cost 15k and knob heads didnt come out on cruises cause they couldn't afford imports, and bogans who tried to follow in commodores just got left behind at the first corner due to the lack of cornerabilty of a 'couch on wheels'. Problems now: too many cops cops hate imports too many car park hero's too many 16 year old's with unroadworthy $4000 sh*tbox s13's with kids behind the wheel that think they are DK from fast & furious.Dont get me wrong, i was young and stupid too, but there was an unspoken respect when you went out on a cruise in the old days, you knew how much $$$ worth of cars was out on the road and you respected that, and peoples safety. it was never, ever a race.... my 2 cents anyway, only cause you asked
  12. Autosalon 2008

    ...and some more... Clicky Clicky
  13. Autosalon 2008

    Here is a link to someones photos i found on another site. Great camera work IMO Clicky here.... example
  14. get genuine man, dont get anyone to mess around with your doors just to make them fit. i got genuine and the fitment is peeeerfect
  15. angel eye installation?

    would it not be easier to just do this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/_Car-Truck-...bayphotohosting