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  1. hmmm highly unlikely hehehe
  2. Got bored last week so I bought this
  3. Fight For a Future - THIS SATURDAY!

    Pity I can't make it....sux balls
  4. Fight For a Future - THIS SATURDAY!

    Daniel Richardson. Good luck mate. I trained with him he's an animal. Should be a good fight. I have a Taekwondo comp on the same day so I can't make it.....
  5. You are welcome to make offers on my S1580. Pm me if you're interested
  6. I may have one in the shed Brendo I will check and let ya know
  7. Drift practice 13.2.2010

    bahahaha nice footage of the drift pracRICE bahahahahaha
  8. NS Cruise

    Nicholls rivulet is awesome.
  9. dvd ready next week

    I would like one please. $42.95 dropped into your account just now with a phone number and YAKUZA as the reference. I will pm address details.
  10. I'll clean swap you Ian??? bahahaha
  11. Hydraulic Handbrake - Bleeding

    how did you fix it?
  12. Reminder to all series Drifters...

    ^^^ Since we started doing tandems genius
  13. bahahaha Ryan that would be the same 180 me thinks.
  14. bahahahaha OMFG Slow day at work much????