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  1. Watch Dogs

    Keen as for this! Been looking forward to it. Also, torrent turns your PC in a Bitcoin mining machine http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/05/watch-dogs-torrent-turns-your-computer-into-a-bitcoin-mining-machine/ And Ubisoft worked with Kaspersky Labs to make sure the hacking was authentic (apart from time) http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/23/watch-dogs-hacking-kaspersky/
  2. Unreal Tournament

    Hoping this will run on my somewhat decent system, without having to update it.
  3. Infamous: Second Son

    New patch coming enables camera mode so you can take and modify screenshots
  4. Infamous: Second Son

    Once I finish with good karma, I wanna go back and get bad karma, see how it plays out.
  5. Infamous: Second Son

    Video powers??? I need to get back on to this game. Stupid work and wedding planning getting in the way of gaming
  6. PS4

    The Division looks awesome! Saw a video for it when they're demoing the Snowdrop engine, going to be pretty amazing I think
  7. Infamous: Second Son

    Damn, I paid like $75. Ah well. Good game though, I'm enjoying destroying everything
  8. PS4

    Now that games are starting to come out, I'm liking it more. Was a bit meh at first cos I didn't really see anything special about it. I'd really like a DLNA streaming app with interface like XBMC or similar when they bring the DLNA capabilities, but that's just me. Keen for the new Snowdrop engine powered games though, engine looks amazing
  9. PS4

    New firmware coming soon that allows dimming of the lights on controllers. Apparently this is a big deal for people?
  10. Infamous: Second Son

    Going to order this today, looks pretty good
  11. PS4

    The Order 1886 looks pretty good
  12. PS4

    Apparently Watch Dogs is slated for an April release. Keen as!
  13. BioShock Infinite

    I got it the other day (PS Plus had it for free) and played it a bit. Only got about an hour or so in, but I am starting to understand all the fuss about it.
  14. aussie hip hop

    Ran in to Debris the other day, they're looking for an early 14 release.
  15. PS4

    The firmware re-formats and such anyway, does when you put a bigger HDD in. Haven't tested it, but AFAIK the only video you can play is from the store.
  16. PS4

    Not yet, but in the future it should have DLNA support.
  17. PS4

    Got Need for Speed Rivals on the weekend. Gameplay is similar to other NFS, but the graphics are awesome! When it rains, the water beads and rolls off the back of the car like real life.
  18. PS4

    Prepare your angus for the install lol. I read the back of the case and it says minimum 44GB install. I put the game in and look at the properties of the disc, 43GB. So it must just dump the entire game on the HDD lol. i was hoping that wasn't the case ah well, I'll drink then
  19. PS4

    I got mine this morning, got a second controller for $88. Picked up NBA 2K14 yesterday.
  20. PS4

    Only reason I price match is because I work in the city next to Rundle Mall, so JB and EB are both within walking distance. Where as I'd have to drive to Marion or Cumberland Park Bigw on late night shopping night or weekend. I've had mixed experiences with price matching. Either the person is cool with it and puts it through straight away, or you get someone that gets all shitty about it but eventually gives in anyway after wasting your time calling around all these other stores. Exactly the same reason here, much easier for me to go there due to proximity. I'm even closer than Pervy I haven't had any problems with them price matching, they've even done it without me mentioning it.
  21. PS4

    Or get EB to price match...
  22. PS4

    I got a JB gift card, might go grab some extras this week, thinking NBA and maybe COD (even though I suck at it)
  23. PS4

    Tested looked at HDD upgrades, seems like a hybrid drive is the best option http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGjSJwlHK6M&feature=youtu.be
  24. PS4

    But we're getting it later than the US, hopefully they'll sort out any issues before then
  25. PS4

    EB in Rundle Mall have like 5 pages of pre-orders, last page of orders won't be getting it on launch day. Sucks to be them