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  1. Hey guys i recently put a xtreme ceramic twin plate clutch in my sr180 all went fine but now i can't downshift into 2nd gear going up gears is fine just can't go down. The box was fine before the old clutch went could shift up and down easy but not now what could be the problem?
  2. Thermostat not opening

    Still can't get the bottom rad hose to get hot the only way is to push the car hard and even then it will only get warm and not hot. Am i missing something or doing something wrong?
  3. Thermostat not opening

    Everything is done up correctly and working except the thermostat i got no idea what it could be
  4. Thermostat not opening

    Ive tried that to with no luck
  5. Thermostat not opening

    Yep had the front up high and had it running for like an hr making sure all air was gone had no more bubbles coming out when i finished
  6. Thermostat not opening

    Yep everything is in correctly don't know what the problem is
  7. Hi guys i recently put a new alloy rad in my sr s13 and at first the car wasn't warming up only reaching 62°c so I replaced the thermostat and the old one was stuffed. Now the car warms up nice reaches 80°c on long drives and sits on about 75°c while crusing but my bottom radiator hose does not get hot at all and just feels like its building pressure and gets hard like its gonna blow but it doesnt. Has anyone had this problem before and what did you do to fix it. Im getting the temp readings from a powerfc hand controller. Thanks
  8. Would A jaycar speed corretor work the same as the dakota digital sgi-5 e if so how do you wire it in
  9. Hi guys i just did a auto to manual conversion on a na r33 using a manual cluster and everything works but the speedo doesn't read right does anyone know how to fix this thanks
  10. Ive done this the turbo disc goes on its abit tight around the centre bit but i just got it on using the wheel nuts
  11. s13 P Plate Build

    If its the same car it used to be midnight purple
  12. s13 P Plate Build

    Sorry i was wrong he just replaced the bearings but has a turbo motor but pulled the turbo off coz it was regod as a na
  13. s13 P Plate Build

    If its the same car my mate used to own it and it was a turbo till he got defected and blew the bottom end then put a non turbo motor in and clear the defect then sold it
  14. yashio factory coilpack loom

    Even if you swap the injectors around and its still the 3rd one that doesn't change anything. Im replacing the intake gaskets as im gonna be cleaning the iacv. Ive done a comp test and they were 135 across all 4 could rings be causing a miss. Thanks for your help
  15. yashio factory coilpack loom

    Full running on 3 i can unplug coilpack 3 and injector 3 and no change