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  1. S15 aero bar fog lights and plastic inserts

    yes matey the foglights are still available
  2. Genuine S15 Aero front bar foglights with mounts and plastic surround grilles in perfect condition $400 can post aus wide
  3. HUGE part out - S15 quality gear

    ill take the weather shields inbox me

    is the zeta3 black gradation? type s or l?
  5. Still got the S15 motor? what are the specs on the cams? comp/leak down test?
  6. S15 OEM Foglights and Surrounds

    Standard bar. From what ive been told they can fit aero bar with slight modification
  7. S15 OEM Foglights and surrounds in mint condition $300 will post aus wide
  8. S15 dash + interior for sale

    Near complete s15 interior: Dash (top and bottom half with vents included) Cluster Cluster surround Centre console Glovebox Seatbelts Parcel shelf Boot trims Rear plastics Pretty much everything minus seats, door cards, carpet and headliner Take it all. Split it up and resell it i dgaf $500
  9. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    got both the calipers mate and theyre in good nick. can do the pair with handbrake cables for $150 delivered
  10. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    amp... ? negatory on the heater hoses fella
  11. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    all gone unfortunately fella i have the centre console lid... but would want to sell it with the centre console
  12. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    Diff already sold Plenty more bits still available