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  1. Hey guys thinking about this snail for my next car Brand: Tomei Product: Arms M8270/M7960 Turbine Kit Part Number: 173020 (M8270) Part Number: 173019 (M7960) SPECIFICATIONS M8270 Power Rating: 450+hp M7960 Power Rating: 400+hp Compressor Wheel Type M8270: 70 M7960: 60 Compressor Wheel Trim M8270: 60 M7960: 60 Compressor Wheel Intake Diameter M8270: 59.0mm M7960: 52.6mm S13 Stock: 43.4mm S14/S15 Stock: 46.6mm Compressor Wheel Outer Diameter M8270: 76.2mm M7960: 68.0mm S13 Stock: 56.0mm S14/S15 Stock: 60.1mm Compressor Wheel Blade # M8270: 6/6 M7960: 6/6 Turbine Wheel Type M8270: 82 M7960: 79 Turbine Wheel Trim M8270: 77 M7960: 78 Turbine Wheel Outer Diameter M8270: 67.0mm M7960: 61.0mm S13 Stock: 53.8mm S14/S15 Stock: 53.8mm Turbine Wheel Exit Diameter M8270: 58.8mm M7960: 54.0mm S13 Stock: 42.4mm S14/S15 Stock: 47.0mm Turbine Wheel Blade # M8270: 11 M7960: 11 http://www.rhdjapan.com/tomei-arms-turbine-kit-m8270-m7960-sr20det-63530 Any feedback on these turbos? it will be bolted on to a s15 sr20det cheers
  2. hey guys im after a contact who can vinyl wrap some window trims for me . Anyone know of anyone that is good?
  3. Hey guys looking to buy a r34 gtr as these are becoming older what are some things to look out for ???? I have always had sr20dets but never had any experience with rb engines
  4. All Japan Day

    i like ur car mate...show us some more
  5. All Japan Day

    other years pics would come up during the day........ dam now i have to make sure im free for the event next year
  6. All Japan Day

    where are the pics guys?? dam this site has died in the ass lol
  7. 2008 Audi RS6 Avant 426kw :D

    thats because they are all owned by das auto group ... also bentley
  8. NEED RIMS FOR MY audi quattro B5

    miro 111 or bbs ch rims best suit audi
  9. Help - Photo request

    was this car pre or post the original fast and furious???
  10. *** S15 S14 parts ***

    hey guys have some bits left over from my s15 days pics will be uploaded tonight oem s15 jdm afm perfect working order - $60 oem jdm boost gauge perfect working order - $50 oem intake hose - $30 oem bov perfect working order - $30 oem top intercooler hose - $20 stock cat converter- $50 jdm t28 turbo snouts both top and front - $50 brand new fuel filter - $20 genuine samco silicone bottom blue radiator hose suit s15,s14 - $30 Pics up tonight . Free postage Aus wide for smaller item. text 0406868688
  11. In need of a White R35 GTR

    how much are you offering???? and is it to drive the groom i assume only or?
  12. Hey guys planning a bucks but Need to Find a room suite or apartment to book for the night for the festivities ??? Will Be around 10 ppl but Not Everyone will sleep just roomy enough for the strippers etc .... Any ideas I have tried google cd Up with FA
  13. Apartment or penthouse suite for hire ?

    originally i booked quest apartment the biggest 3 beroom that was $480 this i precinct was $278 for the 2 bedroom apartment but having no lobby staff is ideal as boys will be rolling in aslong with strippers so not ideal if keeps going pass lobby staff will look suss
  14. Apartment or penthouse suite for hire ?

    sweet thanks for that i just booked the biggest i could get 2 bedroom apartment cheers boys
  15. Good Detailers in Adelaide

    does he have a number?
  16. hey guys went to check out a 33 gtr today seems ok has a few bits and peices need fixing but thats fine who offers a full inspection of performance vehicles???? just want to make sure i havent missed anything major.
  17. Help Required, Ripped of by Empire Aero

    maybe something happened to him???? does he have a facebook????
  18. Help Required, Ripped of by Empire Aero

    he is prob making it or been slack making it or getting one in and doesnt have the balls to tell u ...how long has it been???
  19. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    you guys can all argue pfc is shit get nisstune etc etc but at the end of the day you get what u want i ll get what i want and see you at race wars
  20. buy and swap

    what classified platform ?????? theres a platform? all i see is a f**king mess
  21. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    my thought is when i got the power fc is i would keep the factory ecu and if i got defected i would swap over all the stock shit swap in the factopry ecu and easy done then every can be reversed without going to tuners to tweak jack shit.
  22. mean/beefy body kits for s15

    vertex wide body
  23. HELP! BUYING 200/s15

    i ended up jd cause i always wanted the jdm version with the extra ...yeah to some there minor but to me they are worth it....also i knew id wanna change ecu power fc and didnt wanna f**k around with wires also steering wheels gauge pillar rear wiper.....no gay refelctors on rear bar and badging.....yeah of course all that shit can be changed but then thats sourcing the parts etc and more money....just my 2 cents
  24. The New Silvia

    nissan should DEF the silvia line alone......cause the next gen will be a POS
  25. Hey guys had a hks ssqv on my s15 and decided to remove it today as I got sick of the pssssttttt. Went for a test drive and the car so soooooo much more responsive . Is this normal ???? Before with bov felt laggy ish now super responsive ...idles a little rough but will get a touch up tune on PFC But is this a indicationnofna rooted bov ???? Or has anyone experienced similar effect ???