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  1. tyres arnt tyres

    Nankang are the best out of cheap tyers. I got the ns-2 that i got for $115 a corner, 17inch..
  2. CA18DE

    Ok just wondering since some people on here should have a good idea.. I'm hopefully planning a ca18de conversion (No T) It will be going in a n13 pulsar, dont want turbo. Now i know the ca18de from the silvia can be made to fit with a few parts from the fwd version from the exa.... But are they reliable? I hear a fair bit with people with the an exa having soo much trouble with their engine and mechanics not wanting to touch them... Is the rwd version any different? Cheers, fadz..
  3. anyone use the JVC KD-AVX1 ?

    Only thing i didnt like about it, its really slow, but you would expect that looking at all the features... JVC current range of H/U are great
  4. my sil80 , don't hate me :P

    very clean conversion, i like
  5. Coilovers

    Hotbits coilovers are roughly that price, i hear good feedback too
  6. moving from 1x 12" to 2x 10"

    Depends on your music... My opinion on DD subs, they go loud! But loose alot of sound quality
  7. last photo shoot

    i love that colour
  8. My new 180

    very nice congrats
  9. Titanium Exhaust

    would outlast the car, but if you got the money why not
  10. s13 onevia

    good buy, i always buy my cars basically stock
  11. Depends on the power, but 18s at the back... traction is important
  12. Loss of volume

    If its road noise you mean, you shouldnt run the RCAs and the power cables together, that gives you road noise... not much in the sub but in splits etc.. Happens to a few people that come into my work.
  13. my baby

    off with the wing and they look sooo much fater! i really like them with no wing and slammed, just like most cars haha
  14. engines into a 85 et pulsar

    ca18 is alot easier fit. theres a guy on www.pulsar.org.au with a sr20 but its costs alot and lots of custom work. I can find you details if interested

    take that wing off! overall very nice and clean