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  1. I woke up this morning to find my new kitten like this... ... Kinda strange if you ask me.
  2. Classic threads of ns

    Bus girl, also that Rallyre build thread when it went really... really bad.
  3. drift the port... keeping drifting fun

    Thankfully we are lucky enough to know the right people to be able to have a ball in such a relaxed, no bullshit environment! Cant wait for the next time!
  4. LOL that nickname is gonna stay forever haha
  5. So glad I look like a fool in the passenger seat of the 32. You could drive a little smoother Simon!
  6. Awesome weekend for sure! cant wait for the next one haha.
  7. Custom Fabrication

    I've been told they dont like doing these small fabrication jobs. My mechanic has a beef with them I think so they're off my list hahaha I honestly don't know why someone would have a beef with either AM Engineering or AM Performance. Both produce awesome work. Check out their facebook pages/websites and go by recommendation. Often the cheapest option is not the best, so seek recommendation. Btw have seen Andrew from AM Performance's work on multiple cars with nothing but the highest recommendations and an awesome guy.
  8. This is the drift scene

    Unfortunately almost everything gets taken the wrong way in the 'drift scene'. The grassroots and beginners mostly see the 'pro' guys as superstars(or wankers, lol) who own the track where in many, many cases it is not like that. How many 'professional' drifters are there in Australia? ones that get paid to drive? You would probably think that there are a few given the amount of exposure sponsors are getting but the truth is, many, many of them are funding each and every thing themselves with minimal support. This is why we need a national series. I agree that competitions should definitely be more skill based, but having a national series that is actually putting drift out there to the public helps to boost the public image of the sport and thus sponsors will come. Who gives a shit what people say about Drifting, take it to the track, have fun and thats about it! The guys at Vicdrift certainly know how to run an event which definitely shows when spots sell out within 24 hours. ADGP have proved themselves to run a decent event also. This makes people want to come back. Most of the pro class drifters are approachable guys, there are a few that may not be as approachable, but people should never feel that they cant have a chat to someone at the track because they're "too famous". WTAC was a brilliant example of this with the open pits, it really allowed fans to stop by and have a chat with drivers ect. I've been a fan of drifting for over 7.5 years, and actively involved in getting the other half to events for over 6.5 years, I've seen things change for the better and also the worst, but the main thing I have seen is that there are still pro class drivers out there who want to just have fun and thrash. Its the drivers who are out there utilising the entire practice sessions and then the expression sessions, just having a ball and drifting. They don't care if they spin or not, they're having fun. Here in SA there are two Drift Schools that are run, one at Mallala and another one at Tailem Bend which is run by Garage 7 and SMDrift - each school has pro class drivers teaching and mentoring beginners through to advanced drivers to help improve their driving. These instructors do it because they want to see the sport grow, and the only way to do that is to help the beginners and make them realise that there is no us and them out there. So what does all this mean? the drift scene is what YOU make of it. I see the mates wanting to have a thrash even on a pro class level, I don't see any of the superstar behaviour in my group of friends and competitors. Drivers are approachable and willing to help out even during competition.
  9. who jas a dyno in para hills, the closest I know is morpowa at modbury As the guys said below, Dec's tunes out of a business called All Make Motors on the service road between Kesters and McIntyre road.
  10. While Garage 7 are located in Mt Barker, Dec's does his dyno tuning in Para Hills which is pretty convenient!
  11. decs at garage 7 for sure... i wouldnt let anyone else near my cars!
  12. The Nostalgia Thread.

    Awww man, I wanna crank out my 64 again! Our copy of Goldeneye was so thrashed that i had to buy one from Gametraders haha. Our copy of Banjo Kazooie is really tempremental too These games need to be released on 3DS. http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/games/1/ this website is awesome, so many games!
  13. The Nostalgia Thread.

    I posted a screenshot above... awesome game!
  14. Also, letting cars out during the first practice on the Friday night without headlights... Cole Armstrong in a borrowed car without headlights 2 years running, LOL. Thankfully it was realised and amended with some form of lighting, but seriously after last years efforts this should be mandatory and is a CAMS requirement... I would assume it would also be a AASA one too.
  15. The Nostalgia Thread.

    Oh man, best game ever! Goldeneye was the first game that we got with our 64. This game is what made me a massive Bond fan. Plus these ones: And my favourite computer games:
  16. Pets, what'cha got?

    Here are some photos of our 3 pets; We got Cougar as a stray over 6 years ago, she is the most awesome cat ever, she loves hanging out with you! Trophy cat Being cute Trying to steal Aran's subway Our other car Comet who we think is related to Cougar, is 5 and also an ex stray. Comet is your typical cat who hates you all the damn time apart from when there is food and when it is cold! We got our dog Jack over 3.5 years ago, which makes him approximately 4 years old. He is a mixed breed from the Animal Welfare League, they think he is Kelpie x Spaniel... I can see some Kelpie in him, also whippet and maybe something else. He is a runner and thats all he loves doing! He's also a total sook and sleeps on the bed haha
  17. I caught up with Darren Appleton and Crab last night and Darren actually cracked a Bolger joke at the table, haha about him being a tight arse pretty much!
  18. tattoos

    Hey girls, For my 21st im thinking about possibly getting a tattoo or a piercing or something... The reason why i posted in here is i want to know girls experiences with tattoos and also what tattoos you have and/or photos of them too! Im thinking about just getting a small one of my starsign as it obiously means something to me, but i really dont know in terms of pain and crap like that! If i was to get a piercing it'd only be my bellybutton as i was ment to get it done years ago and never did! thanks for your help. Jenna
  19. if you can provide the information and the access to my wife im sure she would be more then happy to do live updates on the page. theres one step closer to the big picture Apparently I've put my hand up to help! haha, seriously Andrew I'll do it.
  20. G1 Round 2, July 1st

    I'd be interested to see how the 'timetable' works out.
  21. Instagram

    @schmenz Been on there since about Christmas, really enjoy it actually... and I've made a few friends on there which is nice!
  22. What really lacks is constant updates during the day, I undersand people are busy but the past 2 rounds I have attended (Tassie this year and Calder last year) I was the one updating people on the battles constantly. This year it was Christian who updated people. Even a photo showing the battle tree before each section on facebook is enough, then if someone wants to post on NS they can. Also thank christ the issue with the grandstand was sorted for pit crew, seeing as this year it was the only place to sit to actually see anything!
  23. I've always had love for 32 4 doors.

    Sure is Salad's old car! I love this 32
  24. Craigs super slapper special

    I agree! Actually he owes me haha
  25. Keep Drifting Fun

    . I got a new job and will have to take leave without pay... plus I got time off for Calder ADGP before I knew about this one. And I don't like camping, haha