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  1. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 115000 Price : $6,000 Condition : Used I want a new bike and my wife said that before I can buy a bike I need to get rid of this car that has been in our yard for years. It is for this reason that I am selling it with no reserve. I originally purchased this car many years ago with big plans for it. I paid $11,000 for it back then and it was as it is now. I've barely touched it and it has since sat in my yard gathering dust. The car was registered when I purchased it and it was driving perfectly, however the passenger side air bag had been deployed and not replaced. When it was due to be re-registered I didn't bother as I was going to modify it. I removed the front guards, front bar and bonnet in preparation for engine work. This is as far as I got. The car only has 115,000 km on it and the engine is in excellent condition. This is the spec R with the sunroof, side skirts (not pictured) and the helical LSD diff. The car is very straight, I can't see any dents in any of the panels and the interior is in excellent condition I have put the front bar and guards back on the car for pictures but they will not be fitted for the sale. Everything will be included with the car. I even have a replacement passenger side air bag that is included. It has a front mount intercooler fitted but standard air intake and standard exhaust. It has an aftermarket steering wheel but is otherwise completely stock. This car is un-registered and as such can not be test driven. It will have to be trailered or towed away. For this reason I am selling it as PARTS only. I don't expect to get a huge amount for the car, although just the engine and front panels are worth a fair amount. The car can be stripped and sold for up to $10,000 easily. I don't have time and hence I am prepared to let it go cheap. Someone else can make some money off it or repair it and register it. The car has a clear title and is not or never been written off. It is completely register-able if the owner desires to do so. All of the issues with the car are below. Air bag needs to be replaced (included with sale) Front panels to be re-fitted to the car When I start the engine there is a small water leak The brakes need to be bled, it has been sitting around for so long that when i get in it now the brakes don't work. They used to work perfectly so I assume there might be a small leak somewhere. The steering wheel has a crack in it, the stitching has come undone around the edge of the wheel The engine runs perfectly and I have no problems starting the car. I can move it around the yard no problems and it will easily be driven on and off of a trailer for transport. Any questions let me know. I will answer everything that I can. I am an honest person, will not try to hide anything and this is the reason that I am selling this as for PARTS ONLY. I expect to sell it cheap for this reason. Inspections are welcome with prior arrangement. Located in Queanbeyan, NSW. Send me a message or call me on 0400 789 568
  2. NSW Blue slip

    3rd for Roy, i've been using him for years. He will pick you up on all the relevant things, but he doesn't just look at an import and automatically consider it failed... Oh and yes even though he is in ACT he will do a NSW blue slip, as do a lot of garages in ACT...
  3. V8 update

    when i get a chance i'll have to come over and have a closer look. Is there room behind the engine to run the manifold from the RHS bank over to the turbo or will it run around the front of the motor? I would probably mount the turbo a little further forward and lower, also look into ceramic coating the manifolds and also heat wrapping them. It will keep massive amounts of heat out of the engine bay.. Can you get the car runnin in N/A form first? Are you able to start the motor yet? why don't you get it all finished off and then look at the turbo afterwards? I mean if you were only just starting the build then i'd say it is pointless to make it N/A when you really want to turbo it, but you already have full extractors, exhaust and piping ready to go in N/A form.... so get it running, make sure it all works properlly and then look at pulling the exhaust system off and make some turbo manifolds and intercooler piping.
  4. Looking for a cheap and straight s13

    well how much are you looking to spend? I have a full Silvia with RB20 up for sale for only 5k.
  5. I have some stuff for sale

    no problems mate -- Coilovers are sold.
  6. I have some stuff for sale

    hahaha... classic
  7. I have some stuff for sale

    link is now fixed but there aren't any pics in the other post. i'll see what i can organise tomorrow and post up a couple pics.
  8. I have some stuff for sale

    Will your old engine is not available any more, i sold it a couple weeks ago.
  9. I have some stuff for sale

    Silvia with RB20det S14 Coilovers 5 stud front and rear hubs 19" wheels
  10. Guy's, does anyone have some spare CA18DET injectors available? I could also use an RB20det ECU I'm trying to get my silvia running with the RB20det but it seems i only have an RB25 ecu that is designed to run 370cc injectors, the RB20 has 270cc injectors and luckily enough the CA18det has 370cc top feed injectors... So i figure that I can quite easily drop in the CA18 injectors and it might just run properlly. It runs now, just very very lean. also i'm pretty desperate to get these so if you have them ring me or message me anytime on 0488 499 717
  11. yeah I thought there may be another RB20/25 out there that uses the dizzy setup.
  12. as the topic states, is there such a thing has an RB25 with a distributor and leads? I know the non turbo SR20's have dizzy's and leads for igntion, but is there such a setup for the RB25's?
  13. Formal Ride

    hahahah, last year the cops sat around the corner from most formal drop off points and defected every car on their way out. I am definately not going to be involved in any formal runs unless my car was not defectable.
  14. anyone want an R31 skyline silhouette

    it seems i've had a lot of interest in this car already. I do still have it, though a guy is coming to look at it straight after work tomorrow.
  15. I'm looking for a good mechanics for LPG

    booked it into gas tune in tuggers. They seemed really good on the phone and knew what they were talking about, so i'll have a chat to them when i drop the car off and go from there.