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  1. CA18DE Anyone got one for sale?

    DE+T chalks'em hard
  2. External wastegate

    I heard any rubber plug from any hardware store should do fine! true true go down to your local bunnings and get some it's like 30cents
  3. back again...

    benny bee back in your box, bro i am farking with you casue i am a dumb arse who gets bored quickly but there is other *milkshakes* who really want your blood and i am serouis, your lucky dushie did'nt smack you at my house. Lol at video kim hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  4. Lol come on benny bee were laughing with you not at you bryline 32 coming out ?????????
  5. lol at u xris stick to your tod6 lag boy shem is entering and is pushing plenty of power
  6. west side shitters

    LOl LOL LOL laughed hard hahaha one of my cars 11:1cr if not more,webers 304dur 13.05mm cam, s13 front,cage,seats etc etc i miss it badd u neva got to drive it to miss it... were i never got to drive it? used to drive it forages with just suspension drove it from work and back for a good 6months she's going to be cans soon
  7. west side shitters

    LOl LOL LOL laughed hard hahaha one of my cars 11:1cr if not more,webers 304dur 13.05mm cam, s13 front,cage,seats etc etc i miss it badd
  8. Dean and sam

    yeh fo sure i see what i got in the shed it's getting emptyed hard for the new cars, 86 and Fc Sams moving up in the world Omg
  9. Dean and sam

    true true dean next time i see ya i'll bring parts for said corona.
  10. something different..

    i challenge that all my cars have been no more then 3 finger clearance, i can name a dozen more that are as low. west side buddy every cars droped on it's guts
  11. Dean and sam

    Hahahaah shem your farked
  12. Dean and sam

    kim wtf you on , ve ss are shacks ffs, drove my boss VE S v6 and i rekon the forklift handled better my point was to get a ke going well you need to spend time and money and pracitly turn it into a s13 wtf that got to do with fkn VE SS's handling i got no clue Look Std going prices ke70 500-1k, ae86 std 2.5k and up modifyed ke70 3-4k odd max , ae86 easy 5-6k full blown ke70 max 5-6k , ae86 any were from 10k to 15k as you can see ke 's are poor mans sprinter,
  13. Dean and sam

    choped springs, diff oil in the front shocks and lock the diff and practice at simulation wet easties dont understand ,half of the west learnt to slide in shacks and gravel roads
  14. Dean and sam

    st141 2lt come with the borgie boxs which are 4 and 5 speed there the same box same ratio's but the 5th speed on the 5speed box is merly overdrive, 4 speeds are stronger to a point. rt142 2.4lt's come with a "Supra box" alloy case alloy sanwich plate w5x, there 5 speed's, dont think any 2.4tls came with a 4 speed dunno but i doubt it same same 2lt rev's more,2.4 is lazyer but makes more torque. the fkn amereicans fkn pull like mass amount power from those 22r's 2.4lts . that said there both as strong but the 2lt tends to fkn crack heads ke's are fkn gay poor man's 86, there chassi is queer flex's like all fk after you drop every thing from a fk s13 in a ke then it moves. but still after you've put the ca or sr20 in then the s13 front it pracitly becomes a s13 drive line on a 80's box shell no love of ke70's from me. wagons dunno i dont like wagon but would be good for luging parts/engine around. emz look on ebay theres some hell cheap deals on there sometime
  15. what where when?

    how do yo know im a chick? LOL! woah wait why am i covering my eyes for one and 2 im on the east side im not about to go to the west for a meet when chaddie is just down the road bahahahah benny bees the town scape goat , abused and poked at for laughter it's hilarious. east is ghay